House Call Doctor is here to help you say hello to a home doctor! Home doctors have been delivering quality medical care to the most vulnerable members of the community since John Howard introduced his Round the Clock Medicare initiative in 2005. His goal was to increase Australia’s access to general practitioner (GP) services after hours. House Call Doctor is achieving this goal and is now the largest home doctor service that operates after hours in Queensland geographically.

One of the oldest home doctor services in Ipswich

We’ve been providing quality medical care to Ipswich homes since August 2016. This makes our home doctor service one of the first to begin servicing the Ipswich area. We started our service in the region after noticing a lack of options for sick Ipswich residents in the after hours. Since then we have seen over 6000 patients in Ipswich and have established great rapport with the community.

Our chief operations officer (Craig Glover) was one of the first chaperones for our home doctors in Ipswich. He remembers pulling up to the first house and hearing the first patient say hello to a home doctor.

“Since beginning with House Call Doctor I have seen a lot of gratitude from patients. Many have trouble seeking transport to the ED or they can’t get access to GP services at all after hours. It’s for these reasons that they’re just so appreciative to have help when they need it most,” says Craig.

What it’s like to welcome a doctor into your home

You can book a home doctor online, through our app, or by giving us a call on 13 55 66. After this you can expect a doctor to arrive at your door within three hours. Our home doctor will arrive in one of our branded House Call Doctor cars with a chaperone. The chaperone will then introduce themselves and the doctor before grabbing your Medicare details, while you can say hello to a home doctor.

All of our doctors have a fully stocked box of common medications, suture kits, and up-to-date medical equipment. This gives them the ability to treat the many different acute illnesses they see on the road. Our home doctors in Ipswich usually treat gastro, migraines, colds and flus, lacerations, and a variety of infections. If you are feeling unwell after hours it’s reassuring to know you can call a home doctor in Ipswich.