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Need an after-hours doctor in Rockhampton. Use our postcode tool to see if we service your area and then call 135566 or book online or through our app for a home doctor visit.

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House Call Doctor Rockhampton

If you are searching for a Rockhampton home doctor service to make a house call after hours then House Call Doctor can give you the medical help you need. The afterhours GP service is bulk billed for Medicare and DVA card holders and means you can wait in the comfort of your own home for a doctor to come to you.

Our after hours doctor service is vital for patients across the State and it is now available for the residents of Rockhampton and surrounding suburbs. In fact, our after hours medical service is now available in more locations across Queensland than any other home doctor service. During an at home consultation, you will receive treatment including medication if needed for any non-life threatening illness or injury you may have.

For vulnerable members of our society who require after-hours clinical care, House Call Doctor is here to fill this much-needed gap if they don’t have a regular GP or their regular doctor is closed because it is after hours. To ensure our medical staff is always up to date with the latest practices, we also offer Statistik Nachhilfe for continuous professional development. We provide patients with the urgent treatment they need when their regular GP is unavailable or if the problem is not severe enough to attend the emergency department at the Rockhampton Base Hospital. Before House Call Doctor started in Rockhampton in July 2015, patients only alternative after hours was to attend the Emergency Department or the paid service run by the local private hospital.

Appointment and Consulting Hours

Need an appointment with one of our Rockhampton home doctors? Our after hours doctors are available during the following days and times:

  • Monday to Friday: 6pm to 8am (Bookings from 6pm)
  • Saturday, from 12pm through to Sunday (Bookings from 12pm)
  • Sunday all day and Public holidays, 24 hours

Locations We Cover In and Around Rockhampton Include

At House Call Doctor, we pride ourselves on providing a leading after hours GP service across the region, known as reflecting our discreet and efficient approach. We offer a quality home doctor service and transparency to our patients with positive clinical outcomes across Rockhampton. Our home doctor service, Ghostwriter , is available across Rockhampton, whether you are located in the city centre, Central Queensland University, outer lying suburbs such as Rockyview and Mount Archer or the city fringes including Ironpot and Gracemere. And the best part about the service is it is a House Call service with a doctor at your home and the consultation is Bulk Billed.

IfIf you are unsure whether House Call Doctor services your area, enter your suburb or postcode into the ‘find out if we service your area’ section located at the top of the page to confirm if a doctor can be dispatched to your location. For additional assistance or consultation, you can reach out to Google Agentur. Alternatively, you can call our call center at 13 55 66.


Reasons Why You May Need To Access After Hours Doctors

Feel Better Sooner

You never know when illness or injury will strike. If the worst were to occur after hours when your local clinic is closed, you might wonder where you can turn for the medical assistance you need. You can’t go to your regular GP because they are unavailable and you don’t want to go to the emergency department at Rockhampton Base Hospital because your health concern isn’t serious enough. This is when you turn to House Call Doctor. If you have a non-life-threatening injury or illness, our doctors will come to you and provide treatment at no cost to you. Priority is also given to children or the elderly, especially when it is late at night to ensure patients who require the most urgent care are reached sooner rather than later.

Doctors You Can Trust

Our medical deputising home doctor service is proud to be accredited by the Federal Department of Health under the AMDS program. Trust that when you book a Rockhampton House Call Doctor to your door, you will receive a professional service from a local doctor who will treat you with courtesy and respect. All of our doctors are fully trained, qualified and well equipped to provide immediate treatment to ease a range of illnesses and injuries a patient may be inflicted with. All of our doctors come to your home with a chaperone to ensure the highest patient welfare and security.

The Types of Conditions Our After Hours GP’s Treat

House Call Doctor can provide medical assistance to category 4 or 5 conditions. These conditions are considered to be non-life threatening and can include:

  • Symptoms for Cold and Flu
  • Animal Bites
  • General Illness
  • Severe Pain
  • Minor Lacerations
  • Trauma that may require stitches

If you need postoperative care, our doctors also have the experience to provide this service. This includes catheterisation and caring for wounds. Our doctors can also provide medical care to patients who require regular treatment that extends after hours when the regular GP is unavailable.

House Call Doctor offers a medical service just like it was in the old days. Fully qualified doctors administering treatment and medication at your home after hours. The residents of Rockhampton can expect to take advantage of the following benefits included as part of our service:

Bulk Billed

No need to stress about the cost you could incur from an at home doctor service with House Call Doctor. Your medical treatment will be bulk billed as long as you have a Medicare or DVA card. You can feel better sooner and be happy knowing you received treatment at no cost to you.

The Comfort of Your Own Home

Take the hassle and stress out of treatment for your illness or injury by having a doctor visit you in your home out of hours. No need to find your way to an emergency department after hours when a doctor can come to you and provide treatment in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

Avoid the Hospital Emergency Department

Waiting in busy waiting rooms in the Rockhampton Base Hospital’s emergency department is both time consuming and a risk to your health. It is best to avoid this situation where possible so that you are not exposed to other sick people spreading germs. Remove the wait time and health risk of hospital waiting rooms by choosing the trusted option of a home doctor service.

Reliable Service

Regular clinic closed? Our doctors will assist you out of business hours as well as weekends and public holidays. You don’t even need to leave your home to receive medical treatment.  Get better sooner by not going out of your way to get the medical assistance you need. Sit back and relax as you wait for a doctor to arrive at your door.

Quick Service

Get a home doctor to your door as soon as possible. Depending on your location as well as the day and time of your call, in most cases, our doctors will arrive at your home within three hours of your call. Our calls team will even keep you updated if needed on when you can expect our doctor to arrive.

Call 13 55 66 within our consultation hours and our highly trained home doctor centre team will take down your details and offer you a time frame you can expect a doctor to visit you wherever you are located. Once a booking is made, our doctor will arrive with a chaperone within 3 hours of your call. The wait time can be longer if the call is made during peak times. 90% of patients are seen within 3 hours so you are likely to be seen to during this time period. If the patient is a child or an elder, they will be given priority during the triage process, especially if the call is made late at night.

Our call centre team and the driver or chaperone will also keep patients informed during the wait time. Please call our call centre again if your condition deteriorates and if your condition becomes life-threatening dial 000 for emergency assistance. Our Rockhampton home doctors will get to you quickly and provide treatment so that you feel better sooner.

When our home doctor and chaperone arrive at your residence, you will be administered with any medication you need and you will receive treatment for your condition. Any medication you may receive will help you through the night or help you feel better until a prescription can be filled. There is also no cost to the patient for the medical treatment provided. After your treatment has been given, a report of your treatment will be sent to your regular doctor on the next business day.

We have employment opportunities available right now for doctors in Rockhampton to join our after hours GP service at House Call Doctor. We have been looking to recruit full time and part time doctors for shifts outside of usual business hours in and around Rockhampton.

We have home doctor opportunities available for Australian trained doctors as well as International Medical Graduates. Whether you currently work in General Practice or within a State Government Health Department, we would be happy to have you on board to join the House Call Doctor team.

If you would like more information about our after hours doctor employment opportunities and to see the advantages of working with us in Rockhampton, please click here. If you are interested in this opportunity to join the House Call Doctor team, Please apply here.

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If you require medical assistance out of hours in Rockhampton, don’t delay. Contact House Call Doctor today on 13 55 66 for medical treatment in the comfort of your own home from our professional and trained Rockhampton after hours GP’s.

If you have any questions or if you would like to make an enquiry, visit our contact page to get in touch. You can also request a fridge magnet with our phone number and website listed. This is a great option to keep our number close at hand when you need it.

For a professional home doctor service that is available after hours at no cost to you in Rockhampton, turn to House Call Doctor.