Need to book a doctor to your door quickly and easily using your smartphone?

At House Call Doctor, you can now book an after hours home doctor from your Apple or Android smartphone by downloading our free after hours doctor app.

No one should put off getting medical treatment when hurt or sick, which is why at House Call Doctor, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to access the medical services you need.

The app is free to download and allows you to add multiple patients, making it easier than ever to book a doctor to your door when you need one.

How to Download and Use the Home Doctor App


Apple App Android App


Our after hours GP app makes it simple and quick for you to book a house call doctor with us from anywhere and at any time. While using your smartphone, just click on one of the above icons or visit the app store and search for House Call Doctor to download the app.

After downloading the app onto your smartphone, you will come to the main House Call Doctor screen where you can click on the ‘request a doctor’ button. You will then be shown a screen confirming what days and times bookings are open from in your area.

To begin the booking process, click the ‘add new patient’ button and we will provide you with a form where you can add patient details such as your name, date of birth, Medicare number and contact information. Once each field is completed, the patient information can be saved and accessed again at anytime whenever you wish to book an appointment with House Call Doctor. You can store an unlimited number of patient details in the app.

When you are ready to book an after hours doctor, you can simply open the app from your smartphone, click request doctor and select the person who needs to see a doctor. A member of our team will then call you back during operating hours to confirm your booking.


House Call Doctor App Benefits

Service Days and Times

When downloading this app, you will be notified when our service becomes available in your area, so you will know instantly when a doctor will be available to visit you.

Quick and Easy Service

Rather than going through the process of providing all your personal details over the phone every time you need to see a house call GP, all your details are pre-entered and ready to go in your mobile app. This is especially useful if you require our services regularly.

Answers Your Questions

Easy to Use and Download

Our after hours GP app is so easy to download and has a simple interface that anyone will be able to use. With only a few basic screens as well as large text and buttons, both young and old will be able to enter patient details and arrange a House Call Doctor visit quickly.

It’s Free!

Not only is our House Call Doctor app completely free to download and use, it is also a very small file size at just over 8MB – so it won’t take up much room if you have limited storage on your phone.


Download our Home Doctor App Today!

For a smarter and easier way to book a house call doctor on the go, download our House Call Doctor app from the App Store for Apple or Google Play Store for Android today.

Home Doctor App