When you think Medcall, think House Call Doctor – the fastest growing after hours home visit GP service on the Gold Coast. With more patients booking our Queensland-owned locum service every night.

With so many tourists and locals alike needing out of hours doctors, House Call Doctor’s home doctor gold coast has grown steadily since arriving on the strip in December 2015.

What happened to Medcall?

Many people on the Gold Coast still associate after hours home visits with Medcall, but the Medcall they remember no longer exists.

Medcall sold to the Sydney-based National Home Doctor Service or 13 SICK. If Gold Coast residents phone Medcall, their call is actually diverted to 13 SICK.

House Call Doctor is proud to say when Gold Coast residents phone our team, the call is answered directly by House Call Doctor.

Queensland owned and operated

We are a proudly Queensland-owned company, and safety is our priority. That’s why House Call Doctor has fully-qualified and trained chaperones escort doctors on every home visit.

House Call Doctor Chief Operating Officer Craig Glover said this system offers security for doctors and for patients.

“We believe it should be compulsory for all after hours services to have a chaperone accompany doctors on every home visit. Just like we do,” he said.

On the Gold Coast, House Call Doctor chaperones and GPs are locals who know the area and can reach patients in the fastest possible time.

“For years people associated after hours home visits with Med Call. But now it’s our House Call Doctor cars they are seeing on the road and in driveways,” he said.

House Call Doctor guarantees that when people book our home visits, they receive a House Call Doctor at their door.
This is unlike patients who search for Medcall, and are redirected to a completely different national after hours service.

“Everyone at House Call Doctor is proud of the great service we provide and the care we show our patients when they are in need of urgent medical help.”

“There are enormous benefits for people in having a regular GP and our service isn’t a substitute for that,” said Mr Glover.

“We are a support service and we send patient notes back to patient’s regular GP, to maintain that important continuity of care.”

Mr Glover said that tourists across the Gold Coast also rely on House Call Doctor, with hotel and accommodation managers knowing they can call 13 55 66 and their guests will be cared for.

To book a House Call Doctor call 135566, book online or download our free app.