Australians today are busy! Most people juggle work commitments with their family lives, friendships, hobbies or trying to squeeze in time for health and fitness.

Our jam-packed lifestyles leave very little time for getting sick with the common cold or flu. If you’re experiencing the early symptoms of illness, it can be helpful to know how to get over a cold quickly.

5 simple tips on how to get over a cold quickly:

1. Sleep, rest and recuperate

Boy sleeping at night

Sleep restores your energy levels, and allows the immune system time to fight infection more efficiently. If you’re wondering how to get over a cold quickly, sleep is your Number 1 solution. Taking a hot shower before bedtime can help you rest more easily, if your nose is blocked or congested.

2. Hydrate and eat well



People who are feeling ill often experience a loss in appetite, however it’s important to maintain proper nutrition and hydration when you’re sick. Warm vegetable soups, herbal teas and plenty of fresh water will help your body recover from illness. Hot drinks also soothe the throat and provide temporary pain relief.

3. Reduce stress

At desk with stress ball

Unfortunately, being sick often involves taking time off work or school to recuperate. If you’re home sick, turn off your phone and avoid reading work-related emails. Stress can exacerbate the symptoms of cold and flu – try meditation or yoga to calm your mind instead.

4. Pay attention to hygiene

Boy washing hands

Washing your hands regularly and ensuring that your plates, glasses and personal items are kept clean will reduce the spread of infection. Disinfect surfaces and keep a hand sanitiser close by, especially if you need to blow your nose or cover your cough.

5. Seek medical assistance

Girl in doctors office

The best advice about how to get rid of a cold fast involves treating symptoms as they occur. Your pharmacist can provide over-the-counter pain relief and medications, such as throat lozenges or nasal decongestants. If your cold and flu symptoms persist for more than 1 week, seek medical advice from your GP or another trusted health practitioner.

Quick facts about influenza and the common cold:

  • In Australia, adults will normally experience 2 – 4 colds every year. Children experience between 5 – 10 colds annually, as their immune system copes with new antigens encountered at school or daycare. In fact, more than 200 different viruses can cause the common cold!
  • Influenza generally involves more severe symptoms, and contributes to over 18 000 hospitalisations in Australia every year. Children and the elderly are more vulnerable to influenza. People living with chronic disease are also 40 times more likely to experience influenza, and should be alerted to the symptoms.

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