article by home doctor Gympie team

Booking a home visit is now easier for Queenslanders, thanks to the House Call Doctor app. This free app provides a valuable alternative for patients who may be unable to dial a doctor over the phone.

The House Call app can be downloaded onto most smartphones, through the Apple Store or Google Play. Peace of mind is just a few clicks away, if you need urgent medical care after-hours.

To book a home doctor, simply open the application and select Add New Patient. This will prompt app users to enter basic information about each patient who requires a home doctor.

Key information includes the name and date of birth for each patient. It also includes your home address and contact details, along with your Medicare or DVA card number.

The House Call app allows users to save all patient information, for future use. This is great if you ever need to book a doctor more than once.

If you cannot dial a doctor because you’re sick, simply request an after-hours visit through your smartphone. This will verify your urgent booking, and a doctor will visit your home to provide diagnosis and medication, if required.

“The ability to save important patient information is very helpful for carers who may frequently need medical support for chronically ill or disabled patients,” says Craig Glover, Chief Operating Officer of House Call Doctor.

“Carers no longer need to have Medicare details or addresses on-hand whenever they dial a doctor. Th.”

The application also allows patients with hearing impairments and other cognitive conditions to request a home doctor with the click of a button.

“Busy parents can also request a home doctor using their smartphone. This means they can quickly get back to caring for their children without having to dial directly,” says Mr Glover.

Whether you dial a doctor on 13 55 66, book online or through the app, you will always have access to a home doctor when you need help most.

“Throughout Queensland, most patients are seen by a doctor within 3 hours of requesting a House Call Doctor,” says Mr Glover.



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