As an after-hours home doctor service, we’re often asked if our bulk-billing doctors can give prescriptions to patients for a variety of illnesses.

Here’s what you need to know.

The facts

Home doctors are able to prescribe medications to patients if required. The patient can then visit their local pharmacy at their earliest convenience.

House Call Doctor has recently partnered with Australia’s first pharmacy delivery app, Tonic to allow our after-hours doctors to electronically write prescriptions for patients in different postcodes wanting to use the delivery service.

Following a successful trial in Brisbane, Tonic now plans to expand and work with pharmacies across Queensland, including the 16 regions in which House Call Doctor operates.

How Tonic works

The Tonic app allows people to scan a photograph of their script and send it to a pharmacist, as well as shop for other pharmacy items such as vitamins, hearing aid batteries and pain killers. 

Users can choose a time and place for the medicine and products to be delivered and, just like in a pharmacy, they have a one-on-one consultation with a chemist who will call them directly to discuss how to take the medication and any associated risks. This allows people to have a private consultation, instead of having to discuss their medical history over a counter.

With the winter flu season underway, Tonic allows patients to get their flu tablets, throat gargles and other medications delivered without leaving home and spreading their germs to others.

For more information on Tonic, visit their website here.