Need medication but can’t get to a pharmacy? A new app is making it easy for people to have their prescriptions filled and their medication delivered to their door. 

The Tonic App, the first of its kind in Australia, was designed by two Brisbane dads not only to help people order their medication but give them reminders when their re-fills are due. 

Co-founder Adam Gilmore said Tonic was designed to make it easier for people to access medication and was proving to be an essential service particularly for families and older Australians.

The Tonic App allows people to scan a photograph of their script to a pharmacist as well as shop for other pharmacy items such as vitamins, hearing aid batteries and pain killers. 

Mr Gilmore said people chose a time and place for the medicine and products to be delivered and just like in a pharmacy they have a one-on-one consultation with a pharmacist. 

“We have a pharmacist call them and our feedback is that people prefer it because it is private. In a pharmacy you often have people lined up around you, so everyone can hear what you are saying.” 

Women are amongst the highest users of the app along with older Australians who are living at home or in retirement villages. 

“We deliver to houses, apartments, nursing homes and aged care facilities. It is really useful for people when they are sick, time poor and most importantly if they have mobility issues.” 

Mr Gilmore said the other social advantage was it kept sick people at home and therefore helped reduce the risk of illness being spread. 

“The app is user-friendly and for people who have repeats on their scripts, they can set up automatic delivery which means they will never run out of the medication they need,” he said. 

“The idea came about because Guy, the other Founder, was standing in a pharmacy with his sick child and thinking there has to be a better way.” 

Tonic is available for deliveries across Brisbane with plans to expand the service delivery area across Queensland and nationally. 

More information can be found on the website.