The Bureau of Meteorology encourages residents of Toowoomba and the surrounding areas to remember to slip, slop, slap this weekend.

BOM meteorologist Michael Gray said the weather was expected to be hotter at the weekend.

Temperatures for Toowoomba are predicted to reach a high of 34 degrees on Saturday and 32 degrees on Sunday.

“There has been a stagnant weather pattern over the week and it will be fairly similar over the weekend,” he said.

“Oakey will be a bit warmed than Toowoomba with temperatures reaching a high of 37 degrees on Saturday and 35 degrees on Sunday.

“Warwick can also expect to be hotter than Garden City with temperatures hitting 38 degrees on Saturday and 35 degrees on Sunday.

“It will be a good weekend for activities as long as you have something drink and some shade.”

Mr Gray said the dry atmosphere meant there was no chance of rain at the weekend.

House Call Doctor Ryan Harvey said staying cool and hydrated amid the heat should be the number one priority for those in the Sunshine State.

“The people most at risk of heat stroke are the elderly, young children and those with pre-existing medical conditions,” Dr Harvey said.

“To avoid suffering from heat stress, we advise stay indoors, drink plenty of water and wear loose fitting clothes.”

Original Source: Toowoomba Chronicle | 19 January 2019