Logan residents have been warned to be alert for measles after two new cases were confirmed this week. 

Although doctors have hesitated to call the cases an outbreak, they have said they expect others to be reported and believe the southside of Brisbane is particularly vulnerable. 



Doctors from after-hours doctor service House Call Doctor were called to treat cases at 

Park Ridge and Crestmead on Wednesday last week. 

A third call was made from a Logan address but doctors ruled out measles. 

Metro South Health confirmed 19 cases of measles in Brisbane’s southside area, with the most recent public exposure on Sunday afternoon. 

Individuals likely to be infectious have visited many locations including the My Health Logan Village, North Street on October 8; the Loganlea Medical Centre, Haig Rd, on October 9 and St. Francis College, Crestmead on October 9. 

Other sites in Logan include Smith Brothers Medical Clinic, Ewing Rd, Woodridge on October 11 and Logan Hospital Emergency Department. 

Waterford Plaza was another site that was visited on October 21 and Main Street Medical and Dental at Beenleigh on October 21. 

Doctors said people who were in theses locations during these times should ensure they are protected against measles and seek medical advice if they develop symptoms. 

Two new cases of measles have been reported at Park Ridge and Crestmead and doctors expect further cases. 

An 18-year old was one of the patients and his mother said he was showing signs of measles after a family gathering. 

“He had a cough, red eyes and a runny nose. He had a fever — his temperature kept going from hot to cold for a couple of days,” she said. 

“I isolated him straight away and left the window open to make sure the measles didn’t spread to other family members.” 

House Call Doctor assistant clinical director Dr Ryan Harvey said measles was highly contagious and typically started with flu-like symptoms or that of a cold. 

“Sufferers tend to experience fevers, runny nose, cough, feeling tired. The measles rash can then develop with spots on the gums and an all over torso rash,” Dr Harvey said. 

“The number one treatment for measles is prevention, and vaccination remains one of the best defences against measles.” 

Symptoms typically begin to show between seven and 10 days after initial contact with an infected person. 

■ If you or are family member is showing symptoms, call your regular GP, Emergency Department or Queensland Health

Original Source: The Courier Mail Logan 25th October 2019.