The father and daughter who were brutally bashed during a road rage attack in Surfers Paradise on the weekend have been reunited with the man who came to their rescue.

Doctor Tony Tanious, 37, made a house call to the home of Nathan and Kume Harris yesterday to check up on the family following the horror attack on the streets of Surfers Paradise on Saturday.

Mr Harris was knocked out and his daughter repeatedly punched in the face allegedly by Muay Thai champion Daniel Valusaga during the shocking road rage which was captured on camera.

“I wanted to pay them a visit to make sure they make a full recovery … at least physically, “he said.

“In time all wounds will heal but I understand it’s all still quite raw at the moment.”

Dr Tanious was at home relaxing on Saturday afternoon when he heard screams and quickly rushed outside to find Mr Harris face down on the ground.

“I heard screams, not the typical kind but the kind you have to go look to see what’s going,” he said.

“I originally thought he (Mr Harris) had been hit by a car but I had no idea he had been attacked.”

He said he was concerned about Mr Harris’ daughter after she took a couple of blows to the face during the attack.

“I thought she may have had a facial fracture but fortunately it wasn’t.”

“She was very brave and strong.”

It was an emotional reunion for the family and their ‘hero’ who says he did what any reasonable person would have done.

Truck driver Mr Harris suffered a shoulder injury in the attack and is now unable to work. He said he felt lucky someone was there to help his daughter.

“I was unconscious for a few minutes so I am grateful a doctor was there looking after my family when I couldn’t,” he said.

“The outcome could have been different if he hadn’t been there so he’s a hero to my family.”

The incident, which happened on Trickett St, Surfers Paradise, was captured on film and shows Mr Harris getting out of his car before a man rushed towards him and punched him.

Daughter Kume Harris then stepped in to defend her father but was also repeatedly punched in the head by the attacker.

Her mother Shayle Harris was inside the car at the time, helplessly watching the ordeal as it unfolded.

Mr Harris and his daughter were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and are now recovering at their Nerang family home.

“We just want to forget about this ordeal and focus on getting back to our daily lives,” said Mr Harris.


Original Source: Gold Coast Bulletin | Megan Birot | 30 January 2017