Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students have only two weeks to apply for a House Call Doctor’s Futures in Indigenous Scholarship.

The application deadline was extended to January 31 for the $5000 scholarship, which the winner can use for academic costs in 2019.

Last year’s winner, Tanaio Anau (above), said the scholarship helped ease the financial burden of studying, particularly so remotely.

Ms Tanaio is from Boigu Island, 6km off the PNG coast and 145km from Thursday Island’s medical facilities.

“Studying on one of the most remote islands in Australia is very challenging,” Ms Tanaio said.

“My long-term goal is to bring my midwifery skills and knowledge and invest back in to my community. I want to be a good role model and an inspiration to a lot of young women back home.”

For more information, and to apply, head to the House Call Doctor website. 

Original Source: Cairns Post | 14 January 2019