A spike in child asthma cases

Doctors are dealing with a massive spike in child asthma call outs are warning Fraser Coast parents to be extra vigilant.

In the last month, 15% of cases reported to the local House Call Doctor Service have been child asthma related.

Some children have been hospitalised.

Dr Qaisar Bashir told the Chronicle yesterday asthma flare ups, which left untreated, could prove deadly, were likely to worsen as winter approached.

“Children’s airways are typically more prone to toxins, allergens and pathogens, so it is important to get your flu shot and know the symptoms,” Dr Bashir said.

“Children have built up less of a tolerance than adults to these possible triggers.”

Among the parents who have had to call for help is Rachel Russell and James Lewis.

Their son Elijah is still a toddler and can’t tell his parents what’s wrong but they have learned to look out for a tell-tale nose drip and wheeze.

“It is worrying, seeing him like that, he gets it quite severely,” Ms Russell said.

“Because our other son AJ has asthma, we knew what it was and called the doctor to come over.”

Dr Bashir said it was important for all parents of children with asthma to have an action plan in place.

“Asthma is very serious because it can lead to death if left untreated or action is not taken quickly,” he said.

“An action plan can minimise exacerbations, and if treatment is administered at the right time, it can prevent serious asthma attacks and hospitalisation.”

House Call Doctor with asthma patient on Fraser Coast

Original Source: Fraser Coast Chronicle | Eliza Wheeler | 20 May 2017