After-hours doctors have responded to 25 cases of flu across Mackay this Easter/ANZAC Day break, with residents being warned they should prepare for the imminent flu season.

More than 20,000 cases of influenza have already been reported in 2019 and Queensland’s flu rate in Summer was the highest it has been in five years.

Queensland’s largest after-hours home doctor service, House Call Doctor, attended patients with flu-like symptoms in suburbs including North Mackay, Beaconsfield and Eimeo over the last week.

House Call Doctor’s Doctor Ryan Harvey said the flu-like symptoms corresponded with a drop in temperature.

“As Winter fast approaches, we urge our patients be aware of the risk of contracting the flu and recommend they take preventative measures to stay on top of their general health,” Dr. Harvey said.

“The influenza virus is an airborne illness, most commonly passed on when people cough and release small droplets into the air. These droplets contain the virus and can land on people or surfaces, where it can easily be picked up. It is highly contagious.”

House Call Doctor’s General Manager James Wood said the service performed 3,500 home visits over the Easter/ANZAC Day break across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

“House Call Doctor visits patients in their own home, when their regular GP is closed,” Mr Wood said.

“Many GPs have had a well-earned rest with the public holidays and that’s where we’ve been able to help fill the gap so that those who fall ill aren’t forced to attend hospital Emergency Departments.”

House Call Doctor has made more than 600,000 visits to homes, hotels, aged care facilities and nursing homes since it started in April 2015.

More information can be found on the House Call Doctor website.

Original Source: 4MK Mackay 1026AM | 26 April 2019