Why A Family GP Is Good For Your Health

A FAMILY doctor you trust can be the key to improved health with research showing there are many benefits to having a regular GP who not only diagnoses and treats illness but also works on prevention.

There are important reasons why a GP is a critical part of overall healthcare. Firstly, they know you and your family’s medical history and secondly, they are the gateway to specialists and other managed care that can help physically, mentally and emotionally.

When you’re sick after hours, and in need of urgent medical care in your home, GPs rely on us to provide home visits knowing we report back to their clinic and our consult notes become part of your patient file.

Continuity of care is vital in achieving good health outcomes and that is why after hours doctors such as House Call Doctor work to support your regular GP and not be an alternative.

There are volumes of international research on the benefits of having a regular GP, here are a just a few:

Why Having A Regular GP Is Good For Your Health

Four Reasons Why You Need A GP

  1. Your Doctor Knows Your History:
    A family GP has your personal and family medical history to help them better treat and manage every aspect of your health
  2. Your Doctor Coordinates Your Care:
    A family GP is your partner in health. They coordinate your health-care with specialists and other service providers
  3. Your Doctor Works On Prevention:
    A family GP not only treats illness, but support you by using preventative measures to stay healthy
  4. Your Doctor Manages Chronic Disease:
    A family GP completes a Care Plan to help manage chronic conditions with a team of health professionals