Pool Pro Redlynch have a sales division which is centred around our local Redlynch showroom that stocks all of the consumables required to keep your pool and spa healthy all year round. From chemicals and additives such as chlorine, pool salt, stabiliser, algae control additives, black spot removers, hydrochloric acid, buffer, soda ash, water hardness additives, lithium, shock treatment products, clarifier, floc, phosphate remover, calcium removers, bromine, filter cleaners and stain removers.

We also have a huge range of pool care products such as small products like brushes, vacuum heads, hoses and fittings, skimmer baskets, leaf catchers and various filters and filtration products. Bigger hardware we stock include electronics including pumps, pool lights, chlorinators, timers and automatic pool cleaners and non electronic items such as filter cartridges, filter housings and sand filter replacement products. Everything you could possibly need to keep your pool in top health and cleanliness is also available as we are a one stop pool care shop.

We can also provide complete maintenance services on a regular basis where we can send one of our technicians around to your home or business on a regular basis to thoroughly clean the pool and maintain a healthy chemical balance year round.

Shop 10/2-4 Intake Road (opposite the Red Beret Hotel), Redlynch, 4870


We are proud to offer all local access members: 10% off all chemicals and new sales of pumps, chlorinators and filter systems 

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