Floatation therapy has been tested and researched worldwide and scientifically proven to bring incredible healing and stress reduction in your body. Backed by over 80+ medical studies, floating has been shown to have numerous health and wellbeing benefits, including relaxation, rehabilitation, meditation and creativity.
FLOAT Noosa is Noosa’s premier float studio, nestled between the nursery and the garden cafe in the tranquil Acresnoosa centre. Step into our spa like studio and immerse yourself in one of our state of the art float pods, where you will be suspended effortlessly in a 35 degree, supersaturated solution of magnesium sulphate within a light and sound controlled environment. Allow your body to discover a simple experience that will calm your over stimulated system and restore your body’s chemical and metabolic balance.
Whether you are an athlete needing to recover faster, a business person in need of a break, a student seeking improved focus, an artist looking for inspiration, or just a parent looking for an hours peace and quiet…we promise that you will leave feeling better than you arrived. Simply put…Floating is the gateway to complete relaxation!

We are proud to offer all local access members: 10% OFF on all our Single Floats and Packages. (All floats are 60min long).

Our Pre- Discount prices are as follows:
Single Float – $75
2 Float Pack – $120
4 Float pack – $220
8 Float Pack – $400

(All our packs are shareable with as many of your floating friends as you want, and they don’t expire )
Shop2, 37 Gibson Road, Acresnoosa, Noosaville, 4566

Tel: 07 5474 2462