Why it’s important to keep it up to date

In July last year, an online health record was automatically created for every Australian who didn’t chose to opt out.

The purpose of this Government initiative was to create a platform for healthcare providers to easily and effectively access accurate and up-to-date medical information about patients to best determine treatment options.

The facts

  • You can delete or restrict access to certain information on your health record. Not all health services are linked up to My Health Record just yet, so you may need to check what is available when you logon
  • Your data will be accessible until 30 years after your death
  • Doctors can upload information to your record unless you ask them not to

What about privacy and confidentiality?

Private health insurance companies

As your record can only be accessed by registered healthcare providers that you approve, insurers should not be able to access a record that identifies you. However, those who use My Health Record are able to allow third parties to use their unidentified data for research.

Your data protection

You are in total control of what documents and information your healthcare providers can access, except if there is an emergency situation. You’re able to create a Record Access Code and only share it with the healthcare professionals you choose. You are also able to track who has viewed your record – criminal penalties apply to healthcare professionals who access your private information without authorisation.

Police and law enforcement

Police and law enforcement bodies are not directly able to access any information on your My Health Record. However, when the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) ‘reasonably believes’ information is necessary as evidence for preventing or investigating crimes, among other reasons specified under the My Health Records Act, your data can be disclosed.

If you have any questions about your My Health Record, be sure ask your regular doctor at your next appointment.


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