Whether you’re a recent arrival or a long-time local, being familiar with Mackay hospitals is essential in the event of an emergency – so who’s who?

Positioned ten hours north of Brisbane, Mackay is famous for its history as one of Australia’s largest sugarcane farming regions. While Mackay is ideally positioned well as a stopover point for vessels travelling up or down the Queensland coastline, the same can also be said for those on the road. Two of Queensland’s most important highways, the A1 (Bruce Highway), and highway 70 (Peak Downs Highway), pass directly through Mackay. The A1 connects the city to Townsville, Proserpine and Cairns in the north, and Rockhampton and Brisbane in the south.


The Peak Downs Highway connects the city to some of the state’s biggest mining hubs, such as Moranbah, Clermont and Emerald in the south-west. In September 2020, the city was fully bypassed with users of the Bruce Highway able to use the new Mackay Ring Road, but the Mackay region is still hugely important when it comes to keeping Queensland connected. 

On a more local investment scale, Mackay Regional Council is also prioritising the utmost quality of life for its residents. The council has allocated a significant amount of funding towards sustainable infrastructure projects to build roads, as well as water and sewerage systems, that will ultimately accommodate the growing economy and increasing population of the region. Mackay has been recognised as one of Queensland’s fastest growing economies, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

While the mining industry has become the mainstay of the local economy and rapidly overtaken other traditional agricultural industries, it’s actually the healthcare sector that is also one of Mackay’s fastest growing employers for the area. It’s also no secret that Queensland is experiencing an interstate migration boom. The global pandemic has changed the way we work, live and play, and when compared to our southern neighbours, Queenslanders have had it relatively lax in terms of lockdowns and social distancing restrictions. Interestingly, the healthcare industry is Mackay’s biggest employer. With over 12% of the region’s population working within this field, this may help to explain the world class quality care available and their related specialities. 

An Introduction To Mackay Hospitals 

In the event that you or someone you love needs urgent medical attention in this part of Queensland, there’s a high chance that you will come across one of the Mackay hospitals that service this region. While there are a number of public and private hospitals that service the area, let’s explore the medical care that they provide and specialise in. 

Mackay Base Hospital – As the major base hospital for Central Queensland, this 318 bed facility offers general services to a population of roughly 135,000 throughout Mackay and the surrounding areas, including referrals from Moranbah and parts of the Bowen and Whitsundays region. Mackay Base Hospital is also the first fully digital public hospital with medications management in a regional area, meaning that the live system has replaced paper to write down allergies, notes, vital sign observations, and to prescribe medicine or order tests such as pathology or medical imaging.

Mater Private Hospital Mackay – Established in 1927, the Mater Private Hospital Mackay is now a modern 105 bed facility that features five operating theatres, a fully equipped day surgery unit, and a wide range of specialist clinical services. In 2014, the Mater also partnered with James Cook University to open an onsite clinical training facility for local student doctors and nurses. As such, this centre enables medical and nursing students to undertake full-time clinical training in Mackay for both locals and expats alike, with the former being particularly valuable when it comes to keeping Mackay’s younger residents in the community in the long term.

Mackay Specialist Day Hospital – As a local day clinic, this two-theatre facility was designed to provide the best possible environment for non life threatening procedures such as fertility and IVF, gynaecology (including laparoscopic procedures), male infertility, orthopaedics, general surgery and urology. The Mackay Specialist Day Hospital doesn’t offer overnight stays or any surgeries that require one. As such, the team work around the ethics that a shorter hospital stay, early mobilisation and experienced nurse-led follow up also means patients can comfortably recover in the familiar surroundings of their own home. 

Needless to say, if you find yourself in the event where you need access to state of the art healthcare in Mackay, you’re in good hands – but what if you want to be one of the ones administering that care?

Pursuing A Medical Career In Mackay

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