When it comes to chasing a lifestyle that includes endless sun, surf and sand, one of the top destinations that springs to mind is living on the Gold Coast. 

Regardless of whether you are a recently qualified doctor or have many years of experience already under your belt, sometimes we all just crave a sea change to spice things up. The good news is that building a life on the Gold Coast is well within reach – but exactly why would you want to? 


It’s no secret that Queensland is experiencing an interstate migration boom. The global pandemic has changed the way we work, live and play, and when compared to our southern neighbours, Queenslanders have had it relatively lax in terms of lockdowns and social distancing restrictions. Interestingly, Brisbane’s biggest employer is the healthcare industry, with over 12.5% of the city’s population working within this field. With a wealth of career opportunities, this same demand is spreading further south to the Gold Coast, with the medical and healthcare sector being the city’s largest employer. 

Located just one hour south of Brisbane and with over seventy kilometres of beaches at the disposal of residents, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that living on the Gold Coast is certainly in hot demand. As Australia’s largest non-capital city, experts say that the population of the greater Gold Coast region is set to reach  610,833 by June 2021. 

Looking back on the data of the last eight years, the growth rate has been both strong and consistent, with a whopping 7000 to 11, 600 people moving to the region each year. An increase in employment opportunities, affordable housing, educational hubs, infrastructure investment and domestic and international tourism boosts have worked wonders in regards to putting the Gold Coast region on the map in recent years – but is it viable to actually live there?

Five Things To Know About Living On The Gold Coast 

Despite popular stereotypes, there’s much more to know about living on the Gold Coast than partying in Surfers Paradise or getting a selfie with the “Meter Maids”. In fact, the region has been identified as one of the most desirable places in the world to live ranked on political, social, economic and environmental factors, personal safety and health.

In fifty short years, Gold Coast City has grown from what was once a small beachside holiday destination, into Australia’s sixth largest city. Situated within South East Queensland’s growth corridor, the Gold Coast is one of Australia’s fastest growing large cities, with a five year annual average population growth rate to 2015 of 1.8%, compared to 1.5% nationally.

While it’s the perfect destination if you’re a lover of the ocean or great outdoors, the Gold Coast is rapidly developing into a cosmopolitan hub that embraces the local art, dining and nightlife scenes. Although the high rise apartment blocks dominate the skyline at sunset, there’s also plenty of suburbs that hold their own when it comes to showing off their distinct personalities. It’s even become a hub for the Australian entertainment industry, with a medley of major international blockbusters having been filmed and produced on the Gold Coast.  

If your palette is slightly more cosmopolitan, then don’t be quick to write off the Gold Coast just yet. Home Of The Arts (HOTA) is the Gold Coast’s premier cultural facility for visual and performing arts, with a performance theatre, two cinemas and an underground venue. The theatre has hosted performances by the Imperial Russian Ballet, The Australian Ballet, and the Queensland Ballet. Musicals, plays and a variety of theatre productions are also regularly scheduled, along with a broad variety of film festivals and comedy clubs. 

Needless to say, this is a part of the world where there’s something for everyone – so why would you want to commit to the “Glitter Strip” holiday destination as a permanent resident?

Hello Sunshine – Queensland weather is renowned for being “beautiful one day, perfect the next”, and the Gold Coast very much embodies that philosophy. With over 300 days of sunshine on average per year, the winters are mild and the summers are long.

It’s Bigger Than You Think – Many people could be forgiven for envisioning Surfers Paradise when they think of the Gold Coast, but the reality is that the region is actually huge. The Gold Coast is actually 5, 000 Km2 in size, has 70km of coastline as well as 270km of waterways.

The Great Outdoors – Nature lovers, this is the place for you. While access to some of the world’s best beaches are at your doorstep, so too are a medley of national parks, waterfalls, hikes and estuaries – living on the Gold Coast is all about getting outside. 

You’ll Never Be Bored – Even if you’re not a fan of the great outdoors, there is still always something to do with your weekends. From theme parks, to farmers markets, to world class events, there’s always something to do no matter your taste. 

It’s Well Connected – Did you know that the Gold Coast is also home to an international airport, and serves as a gateway to over 26 six destinations? If getting on a flight isn’t your thing, there’s also the capital of Brisbane just one hour north, and hippie haven Byron Bay one hour south. 

Living On The Gold Coast As A Medical Professional 

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Are you – 

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