A lot of people ask why do I bruise easily? There are a number of explanations so we take a look at just some of the reasons why you might.

We all have bruises from time to time but for an unlucky few the lightest bump can leave an extravagant bruise which lasts several weeks.

For others the bruisers aren’t so extravagant but they might find they bruise a lot for unknown reasons.

Bruising occurs when blood vessels, which carry blood around our bodies, burst or break. Due to this impact red blood cells leak into tissue surrounding the area, pool in the flesh and eventually start to break down.

This process can result in bruises coloured from black, to brown, purple, green or yellow. But why do some bruise more easily than others? It turns out there are a number of explanations.


So why do I bruise easily?


Women tend to bruise easier than men, although scientists are still unsure of the exact reason. It is thought this may be due to collagen and factors such as thickness of skin varying between men and women.

Dr Miller spoke to the ABC explaining that fibrous layers may be to blame, “The fibrous later of the skin is thicker in men, as a rule, than it is in women. So they do have thicker skin.”

It is thought that this thickness protects the blood vessels more and decreases the risk of them bursting or breaking.


As we age the firmness of our skin begins to decrease which makes older people more susceptible to bruising.

“When you bump against things, the skin moves more,” Dr Miller told ABC. “The shearing is greater and that results in more mechanical stress and more bruising.”

Sun exposure

Next time you’re soaking up some vitamin D remember to slip, slop, slap. Aside from the other health risks associated with sun exposure it can also affect the firmness of our skin.

When skin loses firmness it is more susceptible to bruising. Bruising as a result of sun damage is commonly found on the forearms and lower legs.


Medication, such as corticosteroids, antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs can cause easier bruising.

Corticosteroids thin out collagen in skin making it easier for the blood vessels to burst or break upon light impact.

Antiplatelet medication, such as aspirin, interferes with the clotting process. “That won’t necessarily make you bruise easily but you’ll bruise excessively,” Dr Miller said.


Health conditions such as leukemia, haemophilia, Von Wilebrand disease, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and low platelet counts can also cause skin to bruise easily.

If you find that you bruise easily and cannot identify the cause, or minor trauma causes extravagant bruising it may be work discussing your concerns with your health care provider. If the Clinics are closed and you are looking for an after hours doctor in Brisbane you can contact house call doctor on 13 55 66.