Hint: it’s not just houses

Acute medical symptoms don’t always arise when you’re inside a traditional house or apartment.

Our home doctors are able to treat illnesses after hours wherever you may be staying, be it a hotel, student accommodation, or an aged care facility.

Holiday accommodation

Sunny Queensland is a dream holiday destination, with hotels, motels, campsites, bed and breakfasts, holiday rentals and hostels galore.

But sometimes no matter how great the weather is, you can’t stop falling ill and you can’t help when those symptoms appear. Our doctors are there after-hours and can come to your accommodation to give you the medical treatment you need when a local GP is closed.

Student accommodation

Thousands of students in Queensland decide to live in student housing, whether that be in a designated apartment building, on-campus, or in college.

If you become unwell when you’re regular GP is closed, a House Call Doctor team can come to treat you at your student accommodation. Our services are bulk-billed for those with Medicare cards, and international students who have overseas student’s health cover (OSHC) may also be able to access a fee-free visit. You can also request a doctor of a certain gender if required for cultural or religious reasons.

Aged care facilities

Older Australians, their families and staff at aged care facilities often need medical help at night or on weekends, and because of this, many aged care facilities have House Call Doctor as their after-hours service. Detailed patient reports are made available after each house call to a patient’s regular doctor to ensure a continuation of care. Visits are bulk-billed through Medicare and for those with a Department of Veteran Affairs card.

House Call Doctor has a dedicated Aged Care Booking Hotline. You can register for this service here and we will contact you with more information.