Here’s how you can start 2019 right

As we head into 2019, many of us are already thinking of a New Year’s resolution – it might be to spend less money or to exercise more.

To help you have a healthy start to the new year, here are a few simple tips from our team.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

 It’s recommended the average adult has eight hours of sleep each night, and while it can be difficult to turn your mind off, there are some ways to help.

Don’t take your phone, tablet or laptop to bed and if possible, don’t use them one hour before you’re going to sleep.

The blue light from these devices will tell your brain it should be awake, making it harder to fall asleep.

Eat a well-rounded diet

 Maintaining a healthy, well-rounded and balanced diet can be difficult. Rather than forcing yourself to follow a strict diet, swap out unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives – especially snacks. Taking cut up banana or apple, for example, will help you avoid snacking on junk food during the day.

Making a meal plan can also be helpful, particularly for those with a busy lifestyle, as you will be less likely to impulsively buy take away food.

Get enough exercise

 Exercising doesn’t always mean hour long workouts in a gym. It’s important to find what works best to fit physical activity into your lifestyle, instead of planning your days around exercise.

If you have 20 minutes free before work, go for a walk near your office and if possible, do the same on your lunch break or after work. Even little bursts of exercise such as taking the stairs instead of escalators, and parking further away from your destination, can make a difference.

Make sure to also choose locations close by, like a park, instead of feeling the need to travel a great distance to a location to work out.

Set one goal each month

Rather than setting a New Year’s resolution for the year, set one goal for each month. These goals don’t need to be large – simply set small goals such as lowering your alcohol or sugar intake.

At the end of each month, look back at what worked and what didn’t. If you did accomplish your goal, reflect on how you achieved this so you can try using the same approach for another month.


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