How our home doctors treat patients in the after-hours


From severe infections and earaches to acute illnesses, there are many reasons why you should call out a home doctor to provide the correct medical treatment.

Here are a few of the reasons why you could book a home doctor.

Sprains, strains and pains

A common reason for patients to call for a home doctor is for a physical injury. Although you might think your injury is only minor, medical attention may be necessary to ensure the injury doesn’t worsen. A few indicators you should see a doctor include:

  • Being unable to move the affected area
  • Having numbness near the injured area
  • Being unable to walk more than a few steps without pain.


Home doctors can provide correct treatment for many different types of infections when medical attention is required after-hours. Examples include:

  • Impetigo (or school sores) – Especially common in children and are highly contagious. Symptoms include red or itchy skin and blisters (mainly around the noes and mouth). Treatment can vary depending on the severity of the sores to include prescription antibiotics, ointments or cream.
  • Urticarial inflammations (or hives) – Red, itchy welts typically caused by an allergic reaction. Treatment may include antihistamines (over the counter or prescribed, depending on the severity).
  • Cellulitis – A skin bacterial infection, often caused when bacteria enter skin and spread to the tissue underneath. As cellulitis is more common in older people, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately for treatment.


Another highly contagious and common reason our patients book a home doctor is gastro. Although symptoms of gastro typically last one to two days, it’s important to seek medical attention as the main complication is dehydration, which can lead to severe illness.

If you require medical attention after-hours, a home doctor can provide appropriate treatment including oral rehydration drinks, or if the case is severe, admission to hospital.

As Queensland’s largest after-hours home doctor service, we’re proud to provide patients with:

  • Continuity of care by sending a clinical report to your regular GP
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • An alternative treatment to receive care for non-urgent illnesses to help take the pressure off local emergency departments
  • The traditional home visit for all patients from children to the elderly.

If you need a home doctor in the after-hours, call House Call Doctor on 13 55 66 or book via the app.