If you’re a busy member of the medical industry, what are regarded as the best podcasts for doctors as a means to learn, switch off, or even get motivated?

Our parents had the radio. In the digital age, we have podcasts. By definition, a podcast is a digital audio file available on the internet that just about anyone can access, and is generally available to download to either your computer or a mobile device. Typically available as either a series or via instalments, audiences can subscribe to their desired podcast channel and get notifications when a new file or ‘episode’ is released. 


Like most things, your podcast preference is generally linked to your interests or lifestyle: while Joe Rogan is the ‘go to’ for some, others might prefer true crime or even current affairs. Some people prefer to listen to one as they drive home from work, while others prefer the background noise as a part of their morning routine. Regardless of your own taste, podcasts for doctors are a growing trend as a genre that is tailor made for medical professionals – so which are regarded as the stand out winners?

Our Favourite Podcasts For Doctors 

Whether you’re driving home from another massive day or just pottering around the kitchen, listening to podcasts is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to unwind – but it’s about far more than just white noise. In fact for many of us, it’s been proven that the most effective method to learn something new is often by listening, as opposed to reading or watching. 

However, if you prefer to listen to a podcast that’s a bit more specific and linked to your industry or profession, what are some of the go-to’s when it comes to podcasts for doctors?

The MJA Podcast – Produced by the Medical Journal of Australia, the MJA Podcast is a weekly series that focuses on – surprise – the clinical aspects of medicine. The topics are broad, and cover many different aspects of the world of healthcare, such as sexual health, influenza, and even the use of opioids. Even if you’re an industry veteran, you’re sure to learn a thing or two. 

You’re Kidding, Right? – As the brainchild of Dr Freya Bleathman & Dr Anne Atkins, this podcast covers anything and everything when it comes to working in paediatrics. Each week, these two junior doctors release an episode that specifically focuses on the younger groups of patients, and is a great choice for medical students, nursing graduates and general practice trainees. 

The Recommended Dose – Hosted by acclaimed Australian health journalist and researcher Dr Ray Moynihan, The Recommended Dose aims to tackle the big questions in health, and explores the insights, evidence and ideas of extraordinary researchers, thinkers, writers and medical professionals from around the globe. 

Broomedocs – Designed to be a free, open access medical education podcast for rural and remote generalist practitioners, Dr Casey Parker shares a medley of interesting stories, experiences and anecdotes that relate to rural and remote medicine – all from her base in Western Australia’s seaside resort town of Broome, the gateway to The Kimberley. 

The Joyful Doctor – It’s a strange time to be working as a medical practitioner, so The Joyful Doctor podcast is perhaps more timely than ever. Join Dr Caroline Walker as she interviews a host of inspiring doctors and healthcare professionals from around the world as they share their own stories and tips on how to bring a sense of joy with you to work. 

While it’s often assumed that working as a doctor requires unusual working hours and conditions, it’s easy to forget that the ongoing events of the pandemic affect medical professionals working around the clock on the front lines too. 

So much so, that the RACGP’s Annual “General Practice: Health Of The Nation: 2020” found that one in two GP’s in Australia reported at least one negative impact to their personal wellbeing during the pandemic. The most commonly reported impact was linked to work life balance at 33%, although more than one in four also reported a deterioration in their own mental health. 

As such, it’s never been more important to form your own self care rituals, schedule down time, and aim for a healthy work life balance – if this is something that you struggle with, podcasts for doctors can be a way to kickstart some healthy habits. 

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