NEWS UPDATE: Motorists are being urged to take extra care in Townsville with many roads still under water and more rain predicted.

The House Call Doctor service, which provides after hours house calls, had difficulty reaching all of its patients last night with roads across the city flooded.

The Bureau of Meteorology recorded 202mm of rain in Bluewater, northwest of Townsville, and warned of potential falls up to 350mm over the next 24 hours.

Inner city suburbs of Northward, South Townsville and Railway Estate were the worst hit areas.

As of this morning the Ross River Dam was at 80.2 percent capacity, up from 76.38 percent yesterday at 5pm.

House Call Doctor Chief Operating Officer Craig Glover said it was important people heeded the warning that if roads are flooded, forget it.

“We understand the impact this is having on our patients, and we’re working hard to get our doctors to visit them in a safe and timely manner.”

Today is expected to be partly cloudy in Townsville with a high (80%) chance of showers, predicted to have 60mmm of rainfall.

There are still roads closed in Townsville due to the floodwater from heavy rainfall this week.

There is also a number of schools and childcare centres that have closed.