The State’s largest after-hours home doctor service has launched a new app, saving sick Queenslanders up to 15 minutes when they need to book an urgent doctor’s appointment at night, on weekends or during public holidays.

House Call Doctor’s new app was launched in April and means those who fall ill when their GP is closed can skip the usual phone queue and book a doctor to come to their home directly through the app on their phone.

House Call Doctor General Manager James Wood said the app streamlined the booking process.

“When sick and needing urgent medical care, the last thing many people want to do is make a call and wait in a phone queue, before the booking process even begins,” Mr Wood said.

“Through the app, patients can enter their details and the symptoms they’re experiencing, and a doctor’s consultation will be booked – there’s no need for a phone call at all.”

Mr Wood said House Call Doctor had been working on the re-vamped app for six months.

“We wanted to ensure a good user experience and a simple process,” he said.

“The patient’s details can be stored securely in the app, so should they need to use the service again, the booking process is even faster.”

House Call Doctor has made more than 750,000 visits to homes, hotels, aged care facilities and nursing homes since it started in April 2015.

The House Call Doctor app is available on iOS and Android devices. It can be found here on the Apple store and here on Google Play.