Could a quit smoking app be the answer to quitting smoking? University of Tasmania research fellow Dr Ivan Bindoff certainly thinks so. He is looking into a novel way to help people quit smoking and it involves virtual currency, game play and a smartphone.

Dr Bindoff has developed a game called Quittr which he hopes will help smokers succeed in their attempt to quit.

The game gives users a virtual reward for seeking help and encourages them to stick with the challenge of quitting. This virtual currency can be spent on prizes within the game.

“When the user engages with the behavioral support content in the app they are rewarded with virtual currency that they can redeem for bonuses in the game,” Dr Bindoff said.

“We believe this approach will keep users engaged with the quitting process for longer, improving their likelihood of success.”

He has been awarded a $54,000 Vanguard Grant to help further his research.

We know that quitting isn’t easy. Most people make several serious attempts to quit smoking before they succeed and quit for good.

But there are already plenty of apps out there that could help you or someone you know quit smoking.

Here are some of the most popular ones.

Remember, speaking to your doctor can also be very useful. They are there to help.


What quit smoking app should you download?

My QuitBuddy

My QuitBuddy is a free, personalised, quit smoking app that gives you a countdown to your quit attempt. Once you start, it then tracks your quitting progress and checks in to make you’re staying smoke free.

You can record your own personal goals in the app using pictures, words or audio messages. There’s also a savings calculator that shows you how much money you save each day from not smoking.

A community message board allows you to seek motivation and support from the thousands of other people who are also trying to quit smoking.

Quit for You-Quit for Two

This quit smoking app offers help and support for pregnant women who are trying to quit smoking.

It motivates you to keep on your quit journey by providing facts about a baby’s development and how quitting smoking will ultimately improve their health. There are also practical quit tips and games to distract women from their cigarette cravings.

A savings calculator keeps track of all the money you save by not smoking and provides ideas about what you could buy with the money, and when a baby’s on the way, there’s no shortage of ways that money could be better spent!

Craving to Quit

Craving to Quit is a 21-day program based on a successful smoking cessation program developed and tested at Yale University.

It has a free three-day trial option and then costs $25 a month. It provides daily training videos, goal-setting tools, a cigarette tracker and daily reminders.

Butt Out

Butt Out helps you to stay focused on your goal by letting you pick your own motivational picture and read messages of support from the community.

This quit smoking app is great because you can track your cravings and log how many times you end up smoking, then watch your progress over time.

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