When it comes to healthcare there are many careers to choose from. It’s a vast industry with plenty of interesting and challenging opportunities. If you’re thinking about starting or switching to a career in health we’ve gathered a few healthcare jobs that you might not have thought of yet.

Healthcare jobs that you might be interested in:


These are the first responders who’re on the frontline of the healthcare sector. They respond to emergencies, provide treatment on site and transport patients to hospital where they can receive further care.

It’s an essential part of the health system and can be a highly stressful, confronting and demanding career. But it can also be exciting and rewarding.


Occupational therapists

Often referred to as OTs in Australia, occupational therapists try to keep patients out of hospital and in their own homes.

They provide advice on mobility aids and home modifications such as installing wheelchair ramps and handles on the wall to allow their patients to carry out day-to-day activities.

OTs also help people improve their basic motor functions by prescribing physical exercises to increase their strength and dexterity.


Dieticians are often employed in hospitals, as well as private clinics. They advise clients on ways to manage their conditions by making changes to their diets.

They can also advise patients who are overweight or obese on the best way to achieve a healthier weight.


Audiologists work with clients to help them maintain or improve their hearing and their understanding of sounds. They can prescribe and fit hearing aids, custom ear plugs and other hearing-assistive technology.

Audiologists also help people with their balance, which can be affected by some ear conditions. This is because the inner ear is actually made up of two components – the cochlea which is involved with hearing and the vestibular system which helps with balance.

Medical laboratory scientist

Medical laboratory scientists run tests to analyse blood, urine, tissue and other body specimens. These test results help in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Prosthetist and orthotist

This career specialises in creating artificial limbs – known as prostheses – for people with amputations. They also make supportive devices – called orthoses – for people with musculoskeletal weakness or neurological disorders.

Their job is to assess, prescribe, design, fit and monitor orthoses and prostheses. The also provide therapy and educate patients about the use and care of an orthosis or prosthesis.

Radiographers and radiologists

Radiographers work with technology to produce medical images such as X-rays, CT scans and MRI scans. This allows clinical radiologists and doctors to diagnose, monitor and treat a patient’s injury or illness.

The key difference between the two professions is a radiographer performs the medical imaging on the instructions of the radiologist. The radiologist then interprets the images and discusses the results with a doctor.

Speech pathologists

These health workers help people who have communication disorders to regain or improve their speech. They use a range of tools including exercises, activities and games.

Often the patients have suffered a stroke or brain injury, other times it may be children with autism or people with hearing problems that affect their speech. Speech pathologists also work with patients who have cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities and dementia.


Anaesthetists are doctors who have chosen to do postgraduate training in anaesthesia, a process that takes at least seven years. Once they’re qualified, they are responsible for providing anaesthesia to patients who are having operations.

House Call Doctor

And of course, don’t forget House Call Doctor. We’re also hiring with a number of opportunities available including:

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HealthCare Jobs

These are just a few examples of healthcare jobs that you might be interested in.