Powered by House Call Doctor, Phone Call Doctor is launching next week to allow patients from all over Australia to see and speak to a doctor through secure, real-time video and phone calls.

What is Phone Call Doctor?

Phone Call Doctor is brought to you by the same, trusted healthcare group behind one of Australia’s largest after-hours home doctor service, House Call Doctor.

From rural and remote towns to capital cities across Australia, Phone Call Doctor provides safe and secure online consultations throughout the day and night.

The service allows patients to request a repeat prescription in minutes and doctors can prescribe medication that can be delivered to your door.

How does it work?

Phone Call Doctor is working to overcome the barriers of distance and isolation for people in rural and remote areas. Our doctors provide real-time video consults for patients in the privacy and comfort of their own home or aged care facility.

  1. Book online to see a doctor
  2. Receive confirmation email & SMS message with your estimated appointment time
  3. Start the consultation – your doctor will send you a URL for you to click to begin
  4. If a medical certificate is required, the doctor will email it directly to the patient
  5. Prescriptions are emailed to you
  6. Consultation notes will be sent to your regular GP the first business day after your appointment.

No matter where you are in Australia, patients can book a telehealth consultation with one of our doctors who are helping deliver better health outcomes.

Where will it operate?

Phone Call Doctor is accessible across Australia.

To book and connect with a doctor, all patients need is a smartphone, laptop, desktop computer or tablet that has access to a camera.

Patients in all areas, including remote and rural areas, metropolitan areas and aged care facilities are able to see and speak to a Phone Call Doctor at any time day, night and on weekends.

Phone Call Doctor knows you can need care at all hours of the day and night and that’s why doctors are available around the clock from 8am until midnight. Phone Call Doctor operates seven days a week including days, nights, weekends and public holidays.

How much does it cost?

Video consults are not covered by Medicare and are privately billed. Pricing starts from $45 for a consult less than 10 minutes.

Are the doctors qualified?

All Phone Call Doctors are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as required by the Medical Board of Australia.

Our doctors are trained in telehealth, ensuring you can feel confident you’re receiving the best care.

Can Phone Call Doctor provide a medical certificate?

Yes. If required, your Phone Call Doctor can email you a medical certificate and provide a prescription for instant dispensing at your local pharmacy.

Whether you’re at home sick, in an aged care facility, staying at a hotel or travelling, Phone Call Doctor can help. Video call consults are also available in private rooms at some local pharmacies.