Why their wellness reveals more than you might think

Have you ever wondered why you suffer from certain conditions like acne or asthma, while others don’t? Well, the answer could come down to genetics.

It’s been revealed the hereditary health traits of our parents may be the reason we have particular health issues, even as adults.

Here are a few common health conditions where you might finally be able to get answers.


Although people with 50 to 100 moles are at an increased risk of melanoma, it’s believed for those who have a family history of melanoma or atypical moles, the risk is even higher. Atypical moles can be identified as unusual-looking, often darker in colour and an irregular shape. So, make sure you keep this in mind next time you go for a skin check.


Despite trying everything possible to have clear skin, some people just can’t seem to get rid of acne. With almost 80 per cent of people suffering from acne at some point in their lives, it’s no surprise there must be more to the skin condition. Acne is said to have both environmental and genetic components, meaning lifestyle changes may not be enough to achieve clear skin. If you’re looking for further advice on how to get rid of acne, consult with a dermatologist.


If you find yourself coughing or wheezing because of asthma, it’s quite likely you haven’t developed the condition all by yourself. It’s believed three-fifths of asthma cases are hereditary. As well as this, people who have one parent with asthma are six times more likely to develop the condition than others.


You might remember being told by your parents to eat less sugar when you were younger or you would get holes in your teeth. While cavities can be caused by diet or bad habits, genetics can also be a strong influence. If there’s a difference in a specific gene called DEFB1, there can be a higher risk of cavities for adults.

Bleeding gums

Another hereditary dental-related issue is bleeding gums. In fact, experts say almost one-third of those with developing gum disease have it because of their genetics. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, so it’s important to have regular dental checks.

Do you have a hereditary health trait? Let us know.