As one of the first locations where House Call Doctor started, our service has grown across the Townsville area thanks to the support from the community. With what started as just two cars in 2015, our team has no plans on slowing down any time soon.

Townsville, here’s how we’ve helped you.

Past years

In the first year of House Call Doctor being launched in Townsville, the service had doubled to four cars delivering thousands of house calls each month.

Now, three years later, our home doctors continuously work hard to treat and even save the lives of residents, including Rachel Carmody.

During a visit for her son in 2017, Ms Carmody, who was recovering from a broken foot, mentioned to Dr Padmaparsad she was also feeling run down with flu-like symptoms.

Thanks to his quick thinking, Dr Padmaparsad pieced together Ms Carmody’s symptoms and advised she needed to visit the emergency department immediately, as she may have had a blood clot.

Ms Carmody said she owes her life to House Call Doctor after a life threatening blood clot was found in her chest.

Another life-saving moment our Townsville home doctors have experienced was when Julie Vigor’s two children both had stomach pains, yet after returning from the hospital her son Corbin was still not recovering.

“A House Call Doctor member came to my house and they advised I take him back to hospital for a second time where we found out he actually had an infected ­appendix and was then operated on the next day.”

Thankfully, Corbin made a full recovery.

“The service was invaluable and being bulk-billed made a huge difference as money is tight,” Ms Vigor said.


As the year is coming to an end, House Call Doctor has proudly treated more than 13,000 Townsville patients.

House Call Doctor’s State Manager Keith Jennings said with millions of house call visits made across Australia each year, the service is vital in taking the strain off emergency departments.

“Our doctors save lives and the service saves taxpayer money – millions and millions of dollars in taxpayer money – by giving people an alternative to hospital emergency departments,” Mr Jennings said.

Have you used the House Call Doctor service in Townsville?