As one of our many regional locations, Gladstone has been instrumental in helping House Call Doctor become what it is today. From sniffles, to outbreaks, to severe illness, our team have been there treating the Gladstone community.

Gladstone, here’s how we helped you.

In recent years

House Call Doctor have always strived to ensure regional communities are given the same level of access to health care services as metropolitan areas.

One of the most rewarding moments of House Call Doctor’s operations came in late 2016.

Dr Qaisar Bashir, one of our doctors from Gladstone received a call and visited a very sick 10-year-old Toby on a Sunday.

Recognizing the severity of the boy’s symptoms, Dr Bashir recommended that the Armstrong family go to the hospital, where Toby was diagnosed with first-stage Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.

“Without Dr Bashir’s advice the leukaemia might have gone unnoticed for weeks or even months… I cannot thank Dr Bashir enough for his care,” Mrs Armstrong said.

“House Call Doctor saved my child’s life.”

House Call Doctor’s State Manager, Keith Jennings reiterated how vital the home doctor service is following cases like Toby’s.

“Regional areas like Gladstone are really important to us because people in these areas deserve the same access to after-hours healthcare as those in larger cities,” Mr Jennings said.

Over 2018

This year, our doctors have treated more than 4,000 patients in the Gladstone community and there are no signs of things slowing down for the rest of 2018.

Keith Jennings said the home doctor service in Gladstone is an example why having healthcare access is vital for regional areas.

“People’s health doesn’t stick to a 9 to 5 schedule, so it’s important that patients are able to receive non-emergency care at any time of the day, regardless of where they live,” Mr Jennings said.