With Christmas season just around the corner, it’s easy to use the festive season as an excuse to let ourselves go when it comes to our health. Christmas is no longer a one-day celebration, but rather an entire month that leads well into the New Year. While it can be tempting to slacken off on your healthy lifestyle, there are ways to lessen the damage and keep yourself on track throughout the festive season.

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Stay active

Through the festive season, it’s easy to stay inside and sit down all day watching TV and eating, so find ways to increase your activity. Encourage the whole family to go for a walk and take any new outdoor gifts such as bikes, scooters or footballs with you.

Go easy on the alcohol

Christmas is usually a scorching hot day in Australia, so dehydration is a real danger, especially if you’ve been consuming alcohol. Make sure you keep up your fluid intake to reduce the risk of headaches and dehydration. Keep a close watch on your alcohol intake and drink plenty of H2O.

Be mindful of stress levels

It’s common to feel stressed during the festive season with buying presents, cooking, cleaning and the endless ‘to do’ lists. Try to keep your stress levels to a minimum and maintain a sense of humour to help remain calm. If you need to, share the load with family and friends.  

Think before you eat

Christmas is all about indulging in sugary treats and masses of hot food. Try to plan your day. For example, if you are having a big Christmas lunch, have a healthy meal for breakfast and dinner to balance it out. It’s easy to mindlessly pop whatever’s put in front of you into your mouth, but take a second to think about whether you really want it, or you’re just eating it because it’s there.

Stay safe on the road

Christmas is a busy time on the nation’s roads, so make sure you’re well rested and take frequent breaks if you’re going on long trips. Stick to the speed limit to reduce the risk of an accident – and double demerit points! It goes without saying but be mindful of consuming alcohol if you’re behind the wheel. In the summer heat, it’s important not to leave children and pets in locked vehicles, where the temperature can soar.

Be careful when putting up Christmas decorations

When decorating your home for Christmas, ensure you’re  vigilant when using ladders or other household furniture. Always have someone watching you just in case something happens.