House Call Doctor has been a key part of the Toowoomba community since launching in early 2015. Thousands of patients have since requested a home doctor, if they need urgent medical care after-hours.

“In Toowoomba, home doctors have assisted over 37,000 sick patients,” says Adam Bruggemann, the Toowoomba Area Manager for House Call Doctor.

Adam has lived in Toowoomba his whole life. Since joining the home doctor team, Adam has made people in Toowoomba more aware of the home doctor services available locally.

“Everyone who works in Toowoomba is local. For this reason, our doctors often provide much-needed medical care to familiar faces, when they visit different homes each night,” says Adam.

Calling a home doctor Toowoomba (on 13 55 66) means you can get treatment for acute illnesses, when you fall sick unexpectedly.

Being a 100% Queensland owned and managed organisation, House Call Doctor prides itself on supporting local communities like Toowoomba.

You can call a home doctor:

  • Monday to Friday: 6pm to 8am (Bookings from 4pm)
  • Saturday, from 12pm through to Sunday (Bookings from 10am)
  • Sunday all day and Public holidays, 24 hours

If you have a Medicare or DVA card the home doctor visit will be free of charge. The medical notes from your after-hours consultation will also be sent directly to your regular doctor in Toowoomba.

“Our after-hours GP’s visit many parts of Toowoomba including outlying suburbs like Oakley, Kingsthorpe, Highfields, Cambooya, Withcott, Murphys Creek, Top Camp, and Preston,” says Adam.

Home doctors respond to urgent symptoms such as acute colds and flus, gastro and fevers, rashes and infections, asthma and allergies, or even minor home accidents like sprains and lacerations.

“Toowoomba’s home doctors are typically general practitioners, who have previous experience working in busy emergency departments,” explains Adam.

“We all fall sick unexpectedly, or have kids who need help overnight, on weekends or during public holidays,” says Adam.

“It’s these times in our lives where a home doctor can help. Most patients who phone House Call Doctor are seen within 3 hours of their urgent request,” says Adam.

Home doctor services strive to reduce the strain on emergency departments throughout Toowoomba, and other parts of Queensland.

Home doctors provide quality medical care to people in Toowoomba, when they need help most. To book, visit the website, call 13 55 66 or download the free House Call Doctor app.