While side hustles for doctors seems like an oxymoron for medical professionals, sometimes pursuing another income stream isn’t just about the money.

In simple terms, a side job – also informally called a side hustle or side gig – is an additional form of work that a person takes on in addition to their primary job, in order to supplement their income. For some, it might mean taking up shifts as an Uber driver on the weekends. For others, it might be finally getting around to that small business idea that they’ve had in the back of their minds for years – and that can range from anything and everything from baking cakes to teaching a second language.

A side hustle is more or less a way to explore an idea or passion project with minimal exposure to risk. After all, you’re doing it on the side, without giving up your primary place of work or employment. It’s also a way to experiment, to see if the income you generate is enough to walk away from your current workplace. In saying that, a side hustle doesn’t have to be something you actively jump out of bed in the morning to pursue, as it could be a product or service that’s in demand, or even something that you’re just plain good at. 

When it comes to side hustles for doctors, they can still relate directly to the world of medicine, but perhaps not as directly as one would traditionally envision – so what are your options? 

Under The Radar Side Hustles For Doctors 

As a doctor, your reasons for pursuing a side gig may not be just monetary. You might find yourself wanting to divert some of your time to other interests or passions, or perhaps sharpen up another set of skills that you may have that don’t necessarily get the same time and attention as those used in your primary workplace. 

After Hours Doctor – In this day and age, access to a general practitioner is no longer restricted to a Monday to Friday 9-5 schedule. As a side hustle for doctors, it also offers flexibility around your primary employment, as house calls are usually required on weekends, public holidays, and even late into the night should a patient need medical attention. 

Telehealth – Telehealth consultations act as an online service to provide better access to medical professionals for people from all walks of life. This platform not only reduces time and travel costs for patients, but also provides better access to health services for those living in regional, rural and remote areas. Fancy working from home as a doctor? This one’s for you. 

Medical Spa Work – Does working in a spa sound significantly more relaxing than a hospital or clinic? A medical spa, also known as a medi spa, is a type of venue usually run by medically trained doctors, where licenced physicians perform invasive treatments and cosmetic injectables that aestheticians aren’t permitted to perform. 

Medical Writing – Does the idea of blogging or writing on the side appeal to you? The good news is that health and wellness blogs love it when they’re able to publish articles from certified physicians because it adds credibility and expertise to their content. This is also a stress free and location flexible option when it comes to side hustles for doctors to try as a freelancer. 

Medical Consulting – Medical consultants address business-related issues for medical facilities and healthcare providers so they can prioritise the actual caregiving. From hospitals to insurance companies to businesses, doctors can work in all facets of the healthcare industry, and it’s been regularly regarded as one of the top side hustles for doctors around the world. 

Pursuing Work Life Balance With House Call Doctor 

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