If you’ve ever weighed up the prospect of working in Queensland, it’s worth nothing that we aren’t referred to as “The Sunshine State” without good reason. 

If you are a recently qualified doctor, it’s fair to say that you might be feeling overwhelmed with what path to take next. You may have just wrapped up years of study, and are unsure on what direction best suits your lifestyle, skill set and even personality. On the flip side, you might have a wealth of experience already under your belt, but are feeling the itch for a change. The good news is that Queensland is open, waiting and ready for you. 

The Benefits Of Working In Queensland 

Despite popular opinion, living in Queensland is about so much more than dodging sharks, snakes and crocodiles. Known as Australia’s “Sunshine State”, Queensland towns and cities are renowned as some of the most liveable in the world. With a world class education system and an eclectic mix of international cultures that call the state home, where else could one find the contrasting medley of white sandy beaches, cosmopolitan cities, national parks, the outback and of course, our famous country hospitality. 

Weather – When it comes to local weather conditions, Queensland has a reputation as either being hot, or hotter. While this may suit the taste of some, the reality is that there are many pockets to choose from if you prefer a cooler climate, especially in regional hubs. Queensland weather is marked by tropical summers and modest winters, making it popular for those seeking a lifestyle that embraces the great outdoors. 

Fresh Produce – Queensland is home to some of the most active horticultural production regions in Australia, and this translates to a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables for its residents. Whether you prefer easy access to the bananas and mangos of Far North Queensland or the berries and wineries found in the Granite Belt, the humble farmer’s market is quite the weekend institution in the Sunshine State. 

Affordability – With Melbourne’s median house price now sitting at almost $900, 000 for a three bedroom home, is it any wonder that Aussies are heading north in droves in order to afford a more budget friendly lifestyle? After all, $900, 000 could easily nab you three properties in many communities in regional Queensland, and even Brisbane locals are heading out into the suburbs and regional hubs in order to save hundreds of thousands on property prices. 

We Have It All – We might be showing off a little bit here, but Queensland really does have it all – where else could you find lush rainforests, white sandy beaches, rolling hills in the countryside, cities packed with art and culture, desert Outback experiences, and of course, the national treasure that is the Great Barrier Reef. The best part? If you’re debating working in Queensland, you can access all of it, or live in a hub that’s best suited to your own individual taste. 

Community – Queenslanders have a reputation for being a little bit casual, but served with a lot of candour. Just like most other states, Queensland is home to an assortment of locals that include retirees, students, families and young professionals – and there truly is a place for everyone. The regional hubs in particular are well known for their country hospitality, and are extraordinarily friendly when it comes to welcoming newcomers. 

Embracing A Queensland Seachange Or Treechange 

Whether you’re looking to travel, increase your earning potential, gain experience, or even just a desire for greater job satisfaction, general practitioner locum jobs in Queensland with House Call Doctor could be the answer that you’ve been looking for. 

Are you – 

  • An Australian or Internationally Trained Medical Graduate 
  • Have full registration with the Medical Board of Australia
  • Have two years post graduate experience, including experience in paediatrics, accident and emergency, general medicine and surgery  

If you can answer yes to all of the above, then why not consider registering your interest for locum general practitioner jobs with House Call Doctor today, and be a part of the medical revolution.