These Instagram accounts are jam-packed full of fitness inspiration. Think kick-ass athletes and plenty of insta-worthy health food ideas. Reboot your social media feed by clicking follow on these inspiring women.


Instagram accounts to follow for fitness inspiration:

Professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbon

Instagram: @sally_fitz

Sally Fitzgibbon recently released a new fitness business so her Instagram account is full of muscular workout shots, her beloved surfboards, healthy tropical fruit salads and fitness inspiration. Yes, we admit, her bikini body is out of this world, but you just know she got it from tonnes of hard work and hours of open ocean paddling.

AFL Women’s footballer Daisy Pearce

Instagram: @daisypearce6

The captain of the Melbourne Football Club women’s team is one amazing lady. She’s one of the faces of the AFL’s new women’s league and is passionate about encouraging girls to take up what has traditionally been (and still is) a male-dominated sport. Daisy is a self-proclaimed ‘footy tragic’ and her love for the sport shines through in almost every photo. It might inspire you to head to the local park for a game of kick-to-kick.

Dietician and food blogger Miranda Hammer Shear

Instagram: @thecrunchyradish

The Crunchy Radish is the Instagram account of qualified dietician Miranda Hammer Shear, so you’re not just getting beautiful pictures, but legit health and nutrition advice. Her posts are full of vibrant colour and drool-worthy plant-based recipes that ooze her New York City chic style.

Yoga instructor and food blogger Jeanette Ogden

Instagram: @shutthekaleup

Jeanette Ogden’s Instagram feed is full of delicious, healthy meal ideas. Think super-healthy tacos, baked sweet potato, salmon and veggie bowl with hummus and beans, even banana and bacon bread. Yep, that’s a thing! The meals all look amazing and are sure to inspire you to ditch tonight’s takeaway pizza plans and indulge in some wholesome and delicious home cooking.

Matildas footballer Ellie Carpenter

Instagram: @elliecarpenterr

Ellie Carpenter took the field to represent Australia at the Olympic Games in 2016 when she was just 15. This made her the youngest Australian athlete in Rio and the youngest ever female footballer to compete at the Olympics. While football (soccer) is certainly her one true sporting love and does dominate her feed, she also mixes up her workout shots with yoga and lap sessions at picturesque outdoor pools. You should follow Ellie too for a dose of vibrant youthful energy.

Yoga guru Valerie Sagun

Instagram: @biggalyoga

Valerie Sagun smashes all the stereotypes usually associated with yoga and #fitspo and spreads the message that anyone can enjoy exercising and embrace yoga practice, no matter what size or shape.

Clean Eatz

Instagram: @cleaneatz

This account strikes a great balance between super healthy food ideas and the acknowledgement that nobody’s perfect all the time. A recent post from the girls at Clean Eatz shows a vitamin-packed black rice salad while the post before that simply says ‘I just burned 2000 calories, that’s the last time I leave a brownie in the oven while I nap’. Hilarious meets healthy.

Aussie tennis star Daria Gavrilova

Instagram: @eatlikeanathlete

She’s the cheeky tennis star with the infectious grin. Her Instagram account takes you inside her pantry and gives you a seat at her kitchen table. It’s choc-full of carbs and protein to fuel her athletic lifestyle and get her through those grueling matches and training sessions. And she’s honest. There’s even a Baskin and Robbins ice cream post among the salmon, pasta, lean meats and greens.

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