Mother’s Day is a special time to celebrate and honour the women who have helped shape our lives.

While the usual breakfast in bed is a nice touch certain Mother’s day activities may be too much for elderly mums.


Instead of the mountain hike or day out at the beach give one, or more, of these Mother’s day activities a try:

1. Baking

Baking with Mum is an activity most of us did as kids, what a great trip down memory lane for Mother’s Day! Don your favourite aprons and bake up a storm together.

If your mum/aunty/grandmother is not as mobile as she used to be set up a chair for her to sit in the kitchen. Let her relax, drink some tea and maybe crack an egg or two while you do the leg work.

Finish the day off with a high tea, tasting all the sweet treats you baked together!

2. Letters

Before the days of social media and texting letters were a primary form of contact. Sit down with your relative and write some letters. Make it special by choosing pretty stationary and put some music on in the background.

You can write letters to each other, which will be cherished as the years go on! Alternatively, if you or your relative have lost an influential women in their life, like their mother, aunt or daughter, write a letter to them together.

You can seal these in envelopes and hang them in a beautiful tree outside or keep them somewhere meaningful for you both.

3. Gardening

Gardening is a great activity if you’re looking at getting outside this Mother’s Day. Mark the occasion by planting their favourite flowers together.

Gardening offers an opportunity to soak up some sunshine, get your hands dirty and help your loved one feel like they have accomplished something for the day.

Feeling useless is, unfortunately, a common emotion for many older people. Gardening is an easy and enjoyable task to help motivate your loved one this Mother’s Day.

This is also a great activity for kids, involving lots of sensory stimulation, get the whole family together and plant some gorgeous flowers.

Ensure there is plenty of shade and cold water available and the tools are safe for use.

4. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a great way to connect with an elderly loved one this Mother’s Day. Grab your scissors, some fancy paper and photos and get to work!

Work together to design a theme for the book, organise the photos and write accompanying captions.

You might be surprised with how many stories you haven’t heard about your own childhood or family. If she does tell the same story for the one hundredth time, let her enjoy it like its the first time she is telling you.

5. Pampering

Who doesn’t love a good pampering? Keep costs down by setting up your own in-home spa for the day.

  • Create your spa in a dark space within the home.
  • Set up a comfy chair with a blanket and plenty of back support.
  • Light some scented candles.
  • Line up the lotions and nail polish colours.
  • Let them choose what lotion they prefer and give them a gentle hand or foot massage, remember elderly skin can be frail.
  • Let them choose a nail polish colour and gently paint their toe and fingernails.
  • If they are feeling up to it let them give you a massage or paint your nails.

Get creative and have some fun! These Mother’s Day activities are all about making your elderly relative feel appreciated and celebrated.