Becoming sick overnight, on a public holiday or weekend is not ideal, worsened still by the thought of not seeing your doctor until they re-open.

House Call Doctor offers a welcome return to the days of a home visit. If you fall sick, you can be treated in the comfort of your own home when urgent symptoms arise unexpectedly.

“We are proud to operate a doctor service that offers home visits to Queenslanders, when their regular GP is closed,” says Craig Glover, Chief Operating Officer of House Call Doctor.

“We are passionate about helping families and individuals when they are sick and most vulnerable,” says Mr Glover. “Our service offers the community access to a home doctor in the least stressful ways possible.”

If you need a home doctor, booking is simple, just phone 13 55 66. You can arrange an urgent booking directly with the dispatch team from our after-hours phoneline.

“Our home doctor service works on a triage basis, which means that priority is given to babies, children and the elderly. Patients living with a disability or chronic illness are also given priority.”

Home Doctor

Home doctors only respond to urgent symptoms, such as acute colds and flus, gastro and fevers, rashes and infections, asthma and allergies, or minor home accidents like sprains and lacerations.

When you request a home doctor, our dispatch team collects vital information about the appointment, which ensures patients can be treated as quickly as possible.

Key information includes the name and date of birth for each patient, your home address and contact details, along with your Medicare or DVA (Department of Veteran’s Affairs) card number.

If your family carries a Medicare or DVA card, your home doctor visit is completely bulk-billed. This applies overnight, on weekends and even during public holidays.

“We also offer urgent consultations to international students,” says Mr Glover. “Students can request a home doctor with no out-of-pocket expense, depending on their insurance policy.”

International students travelling with overseas health cover from Allianz or NIB will pay $0 upfront. House Call Doctor’s billing team will then process this claim on your behalf.

Students covered by other insurers such as Bupa and Medibank may need to pay a home doctor consultation fee. However, a percentage of this fee can normally be claimed back from your insurer.

Home doctors are also called upon by aged care centers, community homes and other shared living facilities. If someone you love needs urgent care, and regular GPs are closed, home doctors can assist.

To request an urgent home doctor visit, phone 13 55 66. Alternatively, follow House Call Doctor on Facebook and Twitter for more information.