It’s fair to say snoring – the loud, freight train variety that drives partners into spare bedrooms – is music to no one’s ears.

If that type of snoring is wrecking your sleep then a new study may have discovered the secret to more harmonious nights.

New research shows people who play wind instruments have a reduced risk of suffering sleep apnea – the debilitating sleeping disorder that results in some of the loudest and most disruptive snoring.

House Call Doctor CEO Wayne Ormond says the study has just been presented at the Sleep and Breathing Conference in Barcelona in Spain.

They studied 64 people who played a wind instrument and 65 who didn’t. While there was no difference in the two groups’ lung function tests, the people who played a wind instrument had stronger upper airway muscles.

“The findings of our small study present an interesting theory on preventative measures of treatment in sleep apnea,” the author of the study Silas Daniel Raj said.