A major investment in finding a cure and improving the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s disease has been announced by the Australian Government.

Here’s what you need to know.

The investment

The Federal Government has announced $36.8 million will be committed to Parkinson’s nurses and medical research through the Garvin’s Institute’s Australian Parkinson Mission.

According to Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, the investment will go towards finding a cure and improving the quality of life for people living with the disease.

“Up to 1,000 Australians from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland living with Parkinson’s will test the effectiveness of four repurposed drugs, revolutionising our understanding of Parkinson’s, identifying new treatment targets and discovering new drugs,” Minister Hunt said.

“A further $6.8 million over four years will be provided to Primary Health Networks to improve access to specialised nursing care in the community for people living with movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease.”

Parkinson’s in Australia

According to Parkinson’s Australia, upwards of 80,000 Australians are affected by the disease and there are 37 new cases diagnosed every day. There’s currently no known cause of why people develop the disease.

Although Parkinson’s can affect anyone at any age, it’s most common for people aged over 65.

If you believe you might have Parkinson’s, look for the following symptoms and consult with your GP for further information:

  • Tremors
  • Slow movement
  • Sensory dysfunction
  • Rigid muscles
  • Mood disorders
  • Fatigue.