Australian radio and television legend, John Burgess, is proud to say he puts his trust in House Call Doctor – so much so, he’s become the company’s official ambassador.

With over half a decade on Aussie airwaves and television screens, he’s a friendly face people recognise in the street, and a personality not afraid to stand up and fight for a fair go on big issues like health, aged care and welfare.

“I’ve been to Canberra, I’ve challenged Julia Gillard when she was Prime Minister to give pensioners a fair go and I’ve been on national current affairs programs fighting for pensioners’ rights because I want to give back to the audience that has given me so much over my years on television,” Mr Burgess said.

Now on radio in Perth, the man many know as “Baby John” is regularly reminded by his listeners how important health care is.

“It doesn’t really matter how old, or young you are. I remember when our friends’ kids were young and they would tell me about those horrible hours in the middle of the night when their kids were sick and their doctor was closed. They had to decide, do they go to the hospital, or do they wait til morning? I wish this service was around then, it would have made it so much easier for them.”

Old-fashioned service and old-fashioned values are important to John Burgess and that’s what he says he sees in the service provided by House Call Doctor.

“It’s peace of mind when you need it. You call House Call Doctor, they send a doctor to your door and it’s 100% bulk billed, so it’s no cost to you.” John is excited to announce that House Call Doctor  is now available in the Wide Bay (Hervey Bay, Bundaberg and Maryborough).

“You don’t have to ask yourself that terrible question anymore of do we pack up and go to the hospital. Even better, you don’t have to sit through a long wait in a cold, clinical hospital waiting room.”

House Call Doctor Ambassador John Burgess