With 120 bushfires still burning throughout Queensland, after-hours doctors have warned asthma sufferers to take extreme precaution to prevent any attacks.

House Call Doctor said smoke was a key trigger for many people with asthma, advising those prone to attacks to remain vigilant about their health.

House Call Doctor’s Dr Ryan Harvey said smoke could be life threatening for those with the condition.

Strong winds have resulted in smoke being carried far and wide meaning asthma sufferers not in immediate threat of fire could still feel the effects.

“The symptoms of asthma include a tight chest, wheezing, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and coughing,” Dr Harvey said.

“One in nine Australians suffers from asthma however, there are ways you can reduce the likelihood of having an attack.

“If there’s smoke in the air but you’re not in any danger, stay inside and shut all doors and windows. It’s important your medication is at hand and can be easily accessed.

“Make sure you follow your own Asthma Action Plan which varies depending on the severity of your condition. If your medication is not relieving your asthma symptoms, call emergency services and start with your Asthma First Aid process.”

Asthma Australia recommends four steps for how to respond if someone is experiencing an asthma attack.

These include: sitting the person upright, giving four separate puffs of a reliever puffer, waiting four minutes and administering another four puffs if required. If there is no sign of improvement, dial triple zero.

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