Written by  after hours doctor Brisbane team

Australian Bureau of Statistics health surveys show 41.5% of people who wanted to see a doctor after hours couldn’t because there simply wasn’t a GP service available.

Wayne Ormond of House Call Doctor says that changes with House Call Doctor.

It’s a return to the good old days of traditional house calls according to veteran TV personality and House Call Doctor Ambassador, “Baby” John Burgess. “I’ve been around longer than most, remember when the doctor used to come to your house and you went out for pizza, not anymore.  The pizza comes and the doctor doesn’t. It is all about to change with House Call Doctor. One call will have a doctor on your doorstep,” Mr Burgess said.

Nearly 20% of patients desperate for medical help ended up going to a hospital in 2013/2014 according to Australian Bureau of Statistics health care figures.“House Call Doctor means no more long waits in a hospital emergency room, this service means doctors come to you while you wait in the comfort of your own home and it saves time and money because House Call Doctor visits are 100 percent bulk-billed,” Mr Ormond said.

“There are no surcharges or penalties for calling a doctor late at night. Midnight or midday on a weekend, our service doesn’t leave you a cent out of pocket.”

All House Call Doctors are registered with the Australian Medical Board.

“People ask me why I become an ambassador for House Call Doctor well for one very good reason – service. A great service that has been a long time coming and the people of Wide Bay now have access to a doctor at any time. Bulk billed, it doesn’t cost you anything, you call, the doctor comes – Good Health,” Mr Burgess said.

House Call Doctor operates weekdays from 6pm to 8am Monday to Friday; and midday Saturday through to 8am Monday morning, 24 hours on public holidays.

“Not only are people happier because doctors are coming to them, but House Call Doctor visits are taking the pressure off our hospital emergency wards,” Mr Ormond said.

The ABS reported that after-hours GP visits “alleviate pressure on the wider health system”. (ABS: Patient Experiences in Australia Summary of Findings 2013/2014) “I understand this is a great relief for local doctors because it means they know their patients have an alternative to waiting in a hospital emergency department.”
House Call Doctor records show up to 90 percent of patients are seen within three hours.

“I mean what’s worse you have a young child who is not well, you going to up and get them out of their bed and take them to the hospital and sit around in the cold in the early hours of the morning waiting hopefully for someone to come and see you? Not anymore, just pick up the phone call House Call Doctor. The doctor will come to your doorstep and treat your young child and then of course the good thing is it doesn’t cost the family anything it is bulk-billed,” Mr Burgess said.

All doctors are chaperoned and medical reports are forwarded to the patient’s regular GP the following day.