Holidays have traditionally been a time for indulging, and in most cases over-indulging which is why we have come up with 5 holiday ideas to stop that.

Enjoying sugary cocktails by the pool, trying everything on the menu in exotic restaurants and just generally lazing sloth-like on a tropical beach, well, it can have you coming home with a bit of excess luggage around the waist. Don’t worry, we’ve all done it, especially when travelling overseas. Who can say no to Bintangs in Bali or crispy spring rolls in Thailand?

But if you’re determined to have an overseas holiday that doesn’t end in unwanted weight gain – or liver damage – why not think about checking into a hotel of a different kind.


5 healthy holiday ideas:

Fitness resorts

Fitness resorts offer free gym and exercise classes and have qualified personal trainers on staff to help you reach your goals.

These guys will sit down with you at the beginning of your holiday and find out what you want to achieve during your stay.

Are you trying to bulk up, slim down or boost your aerobic capacity? Whatever your goals, they’ll work on a program that’s tailor made to suit you.

Generally, these places are extremely supportive and welcoming, and while the staff will certainly push you to train a little harder than you otherwise would if you were on your own, you’re generally free to join in on as many or as few classes as you please.

You might decide to do multiple workouts each day, Biggest Loser style, or just start each morning with an exercise class before hitting the beach.

That’s the beauty of these places, it’s totally up to you.

Fitness Resort, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Yoga retreat

Yoga retreats are the perfect way to improve both your mental and physical wellbeing.

While yoga workouts often don’t require a high base level of fitness, meaning they’re great for people of all abilities, the more complicated poses will ensure even the strongest athletes will feel the burn.

Yoga does wonders for your core strength, flexibility and stability and many believe particular poses can also target internal organs.

You’re also guaranteed to release some mental stress as you bring the focus back to your breathing.

Purple Valley, Goa, India

Surf camp

Surfing is fun, there’s no doubt about it.

Once you feel the exhilaration of riding your first wave, you’ll barely even notice you’re exercising.

But you can guarantee those paddling muscles in your shoulders, back and arms will get a great workout and your core strength will be put to the test.

Meanwhile, all that popping up and crouching down will do wonders for your butt and thighs. It will also be great for the smaller stabilising muscles in your legs.

Did we mention salt water is good for your skin?

Soul and Surf, Ahangama, Sri Lanka

Meditation retreat

If you’re more interested in giving your mental health a workout, then a meditation retreat could be the perfect healthy holiday option for you.

Here you’ll learn how to slow your mind, focus on the present and work on breathing exercises until all (or some) of that stress and tension you’re carrying just floats away.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this is an easy option. Prepare to spend long periods of time sitting in positions you may not normally use. All that concentration and focus can be mentally exhausting.

Many meditation retreats provide an entirely vegetarian or vegan diet which can bring added health benefits.

Bali Silent Retreat

Muay Thai training

Many hard core Muay Thai devotees make pilgrimages to Thailand to train with the best fighters in the world.

But even if you’ve never fly kicked a punching bag before, there are resorts that welcome beginners with open arms.

This high intensity sport will get your heart rate up, burn fat and build muscles. It will also release a hell of a lot of frustration and pent-up anger!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better all-round workout.

Four Seasons, Koh Samui, Thailand

These are just some healthy holiday ideas that you can go on without ruining your diet or exercise regime.