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Residents and visitors in Logan City will be happy to know that House Call Doctor’s after hours GP service is now available here. Whether you’ve suddenly fallen ill on the weekend or you require medical assistance late into the night, House Call Doctor can send a doctor to your door to help you. Call us at 13 55 66 to schedule an appointment and get the treatment you need from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to our after hours GP Brisbane service, you won’t have to go to Logan Hospital whenever you have a minor ailment or wait until the next day if your regular GP’s clinic is closed. You’ll be glad to know that our home doctor service is also 100% Bulk Billed for all Medicare and DVA card holders. Whether you’re in your house, a hotel, motel, or any other location in Logan City, we’ll be able to reach you and give you the after hours GP support you need.

Our home doctors in Logan City are available for anyone who needs after hours medical treatment for non-emergency and non-life threatening situations. Just call us on 13 55 66 during our consulting hours below, and we’ll set an appointment for you.

House Call Doctor Appointment and Consulting Hours

Our doctors can make house calls and consultations on the following days and hours:

Monday to Friday: 6pm to 8am
Saturday, from 12pm through to Sunday
Sunday all day and Public holidays, 24 hours

Why you should choose our Logan City Home Doctors

House Call Doctor proudly offers the classic home doctor service of the old days, when doctors would come and visit patients in their homes. This genuine hospitality is the foundation of our service, which we complement with the following benefits:

High-quality Home Treatment – With our after hours doctors, you’ll be able to get medical treatment from the comfort of your own home. Our doctors will come and visit you in your residence, where you can just relax and focus on getting better. And because all our house call doctors are trained and experienced medical professionals, you can be sure you’ll get high-quality home treatment every time.

100% Bulk Billed – Our service is completely bulk billed for all Medicare and DVA cardholders. As long as you’re a member and cardholder, you’ll be able to get the home treatment you need at no cost to you!

Quick Service – In most cases, your doctor will arrive at your doorstep within 3 hours of making your call. We understand that you want treatment as soon as possible whenever you’re sick, so we always strive to reach you as soon as we can.

Our home doctor service is the perfect solution for patients who require medical assistance outside of normal business hours. Illnesses and ailments can strike at any time, so it’s always good to know that you can count on us to provide after hours house calls.

With our service, you won’t have to head to Logan Hospital or other medical centres whenever you need treatment after hours. It also means you won’t have to wait until the next morning to get treated if you ever injure yourself or fall ill in between regular GP’s clinic hours. As long as your condition is non-life threatening and non-emergency, our doctors will be able to treat you.

House Call Doctor is also the ideal solution for those who require ongoing medical treatment. At times when your regular GP is unavailable – whether it is late at night or if he/she is away on holiday – then our doctors will be able to treat you. In such cases, our doctors will also send a treatment report to your regular GP so that your doctor will know what treatment and medication were administered.

Trust and Reliable Doctors

As one of the top home doctor services in the country, you can rest assured that our after hours GPs are among the most reliable in the industry. In fact, House Call Doctors is accredited by the Federal Department of Health under the AMDS program, and we’re recognised as a professional medical deputising service. This is proof of our commitment to providing the highest standard of service for our patients.

All our doctors are also fully trained and qualified to provide medical treatment, ensuring their professionalism and expertise in the field.

With House Call Doctor, you’ll always be seen by after hours doctors you can trust.

Locations We Service in Logan City

As the leading home doctor service in Logan City, we strive to help anyone in the area who needs after hours medical assistance. Whether you’re in major suburbs like Beenleigh, Loganlea, and Logan Central or located in farther areas like Lyons, Greenbank, and Cedar Creek, we’ll be able to come and treat you.

Although our coverage is continually growing and we’re committed to helping as many patients as we can, please keep in mind that there may be some areas in Logan City that we may not be able to reach.

If you’d like to check our availability in your area, you can enter your suburb or postcode in the ‘Find out if we service your area’ section at the top right-hand side of our page. This will tell you whether or not our doctors can reach your location. If you’d like to double-check the information, just call 13 55 66 to speak to one of our consultants.

Why Choose our Service

All of our doctors are highly trained medical practitioners who are experienced in treating a wide variety of illnesses and ailments. We’re committed to providing the best after hours GP service in Logan City, and we always strive to give patients the best home doctor experience possible. With House Call Doctor, you’ll always get qualified and reliable after hours doctors in Logan City.

Conditions we can treat

Our after hours GPs in Logan City are qualified to treat category 4 or 5 conditions, which are classified as non-emergency and non-life threatening. Some of these conditions include:

  • Cold and Flu Symptoms
  • Trauma that may require stitches
  • General Illness
  • Minor Lacerations
  • Animal Bites
  • Severe Pain

Aside from these, our doctors can also conduct a variety of postoperative care activities such as the treatment of wounds and catheterisation. For any third-party medical treatment we conduct, we’ll send a treatment report to your regular GP on the following business day.

How to book and what to expect

Booking an appointment with our after hours doctors in Logan City is quick and easy.

Just call us on 13 55 66 to talk to one of our friendly consultants, who’ll then make a booking for you and forward your details to one of our doctors. Upon receiving your details, a home doctor will be despatched to your location together with a chaperone.

Our call centre team will give you an estimated time of arrival so you’ll know when to expect them. In most cases, our doctors will arrive within 3 hours of making your call, which is our standard for at least 90% of all our patients. Please keep in mind, however, that waiting times may take longer during peak seasons or if our doctors have to attend to more urgent cases.

Our call centre team will keep you informed throughout the wait time so that you’ll be up to date with any changes in arrival time. This is part of our commitment to always keeping you informed throughout every step of our service.

Once your doctor and chaperone arrive at your location, you’ll be treated and be on your way to getting better. Our doctor will also provide enough medication to last you through the night – at no additional cost to you.

After treating you, our doctor will then send a treatment report to your regular GP to provide details of your treatment and any medication received.

Please note that as a professional medical deputising service, we have to prioritise patients with more urgent needs. Our priority system is largely determined by the triage process, which prioritises small children, the elderly, and those whose conditions require timely treatment.

Also, please note that we cannot attend to emergencies and life-threatening conditions. If you need emergency services, please dial 000 to get immediate assistance.

Join our House Call Doctor Logan City Team

Are you a Logan City doctor who’s looking to enter the after hours GP industry or are you seeking additional income opportunities? Contact us today to learn more about how to join our team. Because the demand for our service is continually growing, we’re always looking to recruit part-time and full-time doctors to join us.

We primarily look for doctors who are trained in Australia and international medical graduates who have experience working in general practice or State Government Health Departments. For more information on available opportunities, please click here.

If you think you’re what we’re looking for and you’re ready to join our team, you can apply online here.

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Do you need reliable medical assistance after hours? Then call us on 13 55 66 to get the medical treatment you need. Alternatively, you can also book online to request a visit from one of our after hours doctors. If you need more information or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to send us your enquiry through our contact page.

House Call Doctor is the leading home doctor service in Queensland, and we’re proud to provide our after hours GPs to all Logan City residents and visitors.