The successful recipient/s of The House Call Doctor Futures in Health Scholarship/s must:

  • Not defer their studies; or must seek the written approval of House Call Doctor if the recipient wishes to defer, transfer, withdraw or discontinue the approved degree
  • Diligently and to the best of their ability, apply themselves to their studies;
  • Comply with all University rules, regulations, by-laws, resolutions and other requirements;
  • Act as ambassadors of House Call Doctor and participate in media interviews as required;
  • Refrain from conducting themselves in such manner that House Call Doctor in its discretion, considers prejudicial to the reputation of House Call Doctor;
  • Engage with House Call Doctor representatives from time to time as deemed mutually suitable, to report on Scholarship related activities;
  • Speak at House Call Doctor functions, if reasonably requested by House Call Doctor.

Payment of The House Call Doctor Futures in Health Scholarship:

  • Payment of The House Call Doctor Futures in Health Indigenous Scholarship will be made to one recipient for the total amount of AUD $5,000.
  • The Futures in Health Indigenous Scholarship award will be paid in instalments, with the first instalment made prior to the commencement of Semester 1, 2019. The payment dates will be determined by House Call Doctor at its discretion, and will be communicated to the recipient in a timely manner.
  • In the event that a recipient fails to comply with any of the requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions, House Call Doctor may in its absolute discretion require the recipient to repay, in part or in total, monies paid in connection with the Scholarship.

Promotion and Variation:

  • House Call Doctor reserves the right to reproduce in any newspaper, magazine, film, website or other medium, personal details, information and images relating to The House Call Doctor Futures in Health Scholarship and its recipients.
  • House Call Doctor reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Upon applying for our scholarship you agree that:

You have reviewed and agree to all Terms and Conditions related to The House Call Doctor Futures in Health Scholarship. You declare that all information provided within your application is true and correct. You acknowledge that your personal information (“PI”) is being collected to enable the Selection Committee to administer the Scholarship, and that your PI is being collected and will be stored in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). You acknowledge and understand that if your application is successful, your PI will be retained by House Call Doctor for only as long as required under law and that in certain circumstances, my PI may be provided to regulatory authorities upon request. You acknowledge and understand that if your application is unsuccessful, my PI, together with other information provided by me in connection with this application, will be destroyed by House Call Doctor. Our Privacy Policy (available at contains information about: (i) how you can access your personal information and (ii) how your PI is handled by House Call Doctor. You may contact us with further queries (i) via email to:  [email protected] (ii) or via direct mail to House Call Doctor Place, 113 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, Queensland, Postcode 4000.

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