Dear Doctor,

We are transferring over to a new consult note platform from today. You will now access the consult notes from:

All car tablets have also been updated with this new link. If you’re using your own device, please save this link to your home screen for easy access and remove the old link.

Please use your current user name and password and if you have any issues logging in please have the chaperone contact the area manager or dispatch.

A video has been made to run through the new system and can be viewed here:

New updates and features include:

  1. You can now make updates to submitted consult notes during your shift (so you do not need to save them as incomplete notes if you have completed all mandatory fields)
  2. The fields have been simplified and there are less mandatory sections
  3. You will no longer see other Dr consult notes from past shifts associated with the same chaperone

Important to note:

If you cannot see a consult note, please ask the chaperone to check that they have assigned you to the booking.
With the new platform we are working on more improvements and will keep you posted on this progress.

Thank you,
House Call Doctor