It’s that time of the year, how do we improve the chances of staying healthy?

Flu season is here so what can we do to improve our chances of staying healthy while those around us […]

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After Hours Doctor Shortage Highlights Need for House Call Doctor

Australian Bureau of Statistics health surveys show 41.5% of people who wanted to see a doctor after hours couldn’t because […]

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Hospital emergency departments clogged with patients who should be seeing a GP

One in three people are waiting in hospital emergency rooms with medical problems that can be treated by a House […]

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Wide Bay Gets House Call Doctor

For the first time in the Wide Bay, House Call Doctor has doctors making house calls across Bundaberg, Maryborough and […]

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House Call Doctor’s ambassador John Burgess

Australian radio and television legend, John Burgess, is proud to say he puts his trust in House Call Doctor – […]

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Call a real doctor instead of turning to “Doctor Google”

We’ve all done it. A mystery rash, a headache or an usual pain in the middle of the night or […]

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